• Hot Dogs are definitely sandwiches

    While the definition of a sandwich explicitly states that there must be two slices of bread, It's not always true. Many types of open faced sandwiches exist. Gyros are also colloquially referred to as sandwiches, But they only have one piece of bread. By the same logic, We can conclude that hot dogs are in fact sandwiches. However, It doesn't end there. By the colloquial definition of a sandwich, Pizza also is a sandwich. I would argue that the tortilla of a taco of burrito is technically a type of bread, Therefore tacos are also sandwiches

  • 'Hot dog' buns are also used for sandwiches without sausages

    For those saying because most of it is bread and its connected. . . Umm so subway does not exist? Sub sandwiches exist so your bread debate is invalid boom. Hot dog is the meat instead of salami, Mortadella or ham, Its processed meat with sauce and toppings. ALSO burgers a sandwiches fight me lets go.

  • A hot dog should be a sandwich

    The definition for a sandwich says a sandwich needs to have 2 slices of bread. A lot of sandwiches I eat don't have 2 slices of bread. I think if it has at least 1 lice of bread and some kind of toppings it should be a sandwich. Mic drop

  • A hotdog is not a sandwich

    A sandwich requires that there is a filling between two slices of bread. However, A hotdog is enclosed 75% by bread and only uses one piece of bread. If the slices were separated and put on opposite sides of the actual hotdog, Then that would be a sandwich. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk

  • No you are wrong

    IT is ONE single piece of bread and one slice WOULD BE CALLED TOAST.
    It is a hot dog because it has a sausage and a special bread for it.
    A bread bowl is shaped for soups. A taco shell is for tacos
    and hot dog buns are for hot dogs.
    You can make dinner how ever you want but you cannot make claims on such ignorance

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