• yes they are

    Yes, I think that most of the juveniles that commit a crime are going to do another one not long after they get out of jail, so we need a way to make sure that they are scared and will not want to go back up in the prison anymore.

  • Yes, I think a juvenile offender is likely to commit a second crime.

    I think if you start your life off committing crimes at a young age unless there is a serious effort to turn yourself around you will very likely commit a second crime at some point, once you go down that road it's very hard to turn it around for many people.

  • Yes, they are more likely

    Yes, a juvenile offender is more likely to commit a second crime. It's sad to say, but a juvenile offender's actions show that they are statistically more likely to commit a second crime throughout their life than a non-juvenile offender. This is certainly not a doomed scenario as many juvenile offenders don't commit second crimes, but they are definitely much more likely to do so.

  • Yes, they probably are.

    A juvenile offender is likely to commit a second crime, and a juvenile not caught committing crimes will also probably continue to commit crimes. I did crimes as a teenager, and I never got caught. Nothing serious, but I did them. We need to stop punishing our teens so often.

  • Yes, juvenile offenders are likely to commit a second crime.

    I think that the chances of somebody who commits a crime at a young age in regards to committing another crime is most likely. I think that it is important to use the law as a way to deter such individuals to wanting to be criminals though. I think if the law does proactive tactics like this, it will be good for society.

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