• Yes, A legal qualification can be well worth the cost.

    While it will most likely require someone to take out loans or spend a hefty amount of their saving to obtain a legal qualification can open up high paying job opportunities in the legal field, as long as the person obtaining the qualification is actively networking with people and seeking job prospects in the field it can be a very worthy investment.

  • Yes it is.

    A legal qualification is worth the cost in my opinion. You have the potential to earn a lot more money in your life time if you do have a legal qualification. Over time, it will end up paying for itself and that is why it is worth the big cost.

  • Not enough jobs.

    No, a legal qualification is not worth the cost, because there are too few jobs available for the costs that are required for entry. Qualifications are nice, but ultimately a talented person will be successful in the world, qualification or not. Legal qualifications are not hard enough to get, so they are not even a big deal anymore.

  • Legal qualifications are too expensive in a modern marketplace

    Although the legal profession is a stable one and leads to a good career, modern law schools have gotten too expensive. Students take out loans to finance educations, but later find out that they are unable to live a comfortable lifestyle while they pay those loans back. Only a minority of legal jobs pay the sums to make those loans worth it.

  • No, a legal qualification is not worth the cost.

    No, a legal qualification is not worth the cost. With the amount of money and time it takes to earn a legal qualification and the lack of jobs for people with those qualifications it is not worth it. The law field is over saturated in 2014 and there are not enough jobs to go around.

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