Is a life sentence just as good as the death penalty?

Asked by: rphk123
  • Basically the same thing

    Don't give me any of this "they don't deserve to live" crap because the reason the death penalty is used is for the purpose of that person not having the chance of going back on to the street. I think in a supermax facility there is no chance anyone's getting out so I think it's just as good. The criminal should have a choice of life in prison or death and should be able to ask for the death penalty at any time while in prison, but they should never be sentenced to death.

  • I really don't know.

    Any sentence in today's world of technology is essentially a death sentence when employers are allowed to just pay a few buck's and convict or hire you. They don't cut off hands, but your lifeline may be cut because you effed up as a young and dumb minor. Just kill me, easy for you and me both.

  • Hypocritical and Pointless

    We punish people for taking lives and then do the same thing ourselves? No. And for those who think it's cheaper to put people to death - it's not. The appeals process is extremely expensive. And if we want to save money in the justice system - stop imprisoning people for smoking marijuana. It's an absurd waste. And in response to the idea that criminals can better themselves in prison - yes. That's the point. Some crime comes from mental instability. Much comes from conditioning and lack of opportunity. With violent crime, I agree it may be too late for rehabilitation - but that is what the modern justice system is designed for - giving a chance to those who never had it. Believing that there is some potential for good in everyone. Again, those eligible for the death penalty might be too far gone for that to be relevant. But that doesn't mean we as a society have to sink to their level. A life sentence is as effective at preventing them from harming others. Some people bring up the idea of a deterrent - I can't imagine the person who thinks "Should I kill someone? Well, I'll just spend my life in jail instead of being killed, so yeah, good idea". And then of course there's the issue of wrongful conviction ...

  • Death outweighs the sentence.

    It's simple. The death penalty is cheaper and more effecient than a life sentance. Heck with a life sentence you can get buff, a collage degree, an endless amount of books, and unlimited internet and we wounder why prison costs so much money. The death penalty in my opinion is better.

  • It's not a life sentence

    If, it were, criminals would be happier dead. They have unlimited time for escape with nothing to lose, they have forever to appeal, bribe, or fight their ways out of prison. Most people these days are released early, without serving their full sentence. A life sentence gives a lot of opportunity to avoid dying in prison.

  • Death is essential

    Prison wasn't established for the slip-ups, the uh-ohs, or the whoops'es. There's no reason to quarantine criminals in a facility guarded by police-men; the criminals who are bound to inevitably decease need to be immediately eliminated. They're a waste of food, they're paid for with money we don't have; why give justice to a naive screw-over who hadn't gave justice to our country or another human being?

  • Is a life sentence just as good as the death penalty?

    No, it isn't the same because people who have been sentence to life, they get to still live their life even though they are in prison. People who are sentence to death die and maybe they didn't even do the thing people thought they did. No, it isn't the same.

  • No, its not.

    A life sentence is way different to a death sentence in that at least in a life sentence the person is not dead if they have been wrongly imprisoned for something they did not do. I am fully in favor of a life sentence over the death penalty. However, I do believe it should be far more restrictive than the current system. i.e. no TV, no visits, it must feel like death without the actual death part.

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