• To Me It Is

    I believe globalization has been important for the community but when it comes to taking care of things in an administrative sort of way, I believe it is better to take a local approach, rather than a global one. I believe people have varying beliefs and morals and there are differences across the planet. Local approaches, I feel, are more likely to work for longer.

  • Local is always better.

    A local approach better than a global approach. This is because it is easier for people to relate to each other when they can meet and speak in person. It creates cohesion and unity. Local movements can then slowly spread globally. This is why local government representatives go out to meet people -- because it is so effective.

  • Local is best

    Usually a local approach is better than a global approach to things because we have more at stake regarding local decisions and we really want to make things right. It is hard to get a grasp regarding global perspectives but we can picture how aspects of a local situation will work best.

  • A local approach is better.

    The globe is a big place. Trying to impact all of it is tough. It is admirable to want to fix the world and support policies and charities that are helping people around the globe. However, there are problems right in whatever town you live in. There is someone right now in your area without a home. There is someone right now in your area who is starving. There is someone right now in your area in need of help. You don't need to look to Africa to find starving children or aids afflicted rape victims. They are right here.

  • Localism is fear.

    No, a local approach is not better than a global approach, because decisions need to be made thinking of all of the people that are affected. We live in a global community, and all of our needs must be considered. To think something is better because it is local is to be judgmental.

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