• Butt for you and me

    Benefits of Longer school days Why is longer school days going to benefit? Well first it will help us gain the 1 hours kids lose from lunch and recess. Also kids will gain more knowledge. You should talk to the school staff or principal about longer school days. They might consider it. Don't be shy, give longer school days a try.

  • Kids need more school!!!

    First things first, out of the people who said no, 3/3 had grammar mistakes. Where do you learn good grammar? School! So maybe you should learn how to construct a sentence rather than lambasting our future! Our kids will provide the work force that America needs and if they have higher education they can get better jobs.

  • Benefits of Longer school days

    Why is longer school days going to benefit? Well first it will help us gain the 1 hours kids lose from lunch and recess. Also kids will gain more knowledge. You should talk to the school staff or principal about longer school days. They might consider it. Don't be shy, give longer school days a try.

  • For our children to thrive, It is more than necessary.

    First, Let us get teachers out of the way. Hiring teachers will cost more, So of course, Heavily increasing the education budget should fix things, As well as any other costs.

    Now. Students do not spend too log at school. 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, With multiple holidays. These is problematic, As a student may lose knowledge over the course of the holidays. It can also be noted that school days average roughly 180 per year. Only 50 percent of a year!

    First of all, 6 hours is petty. 11 hours is long, And provides plenty of time to learn, With 2 short 10 minute breaks for a snack, And 3 20 minute breaks for longer meals, Strictly for nothing except eating. This gives plenty of time for students to be nourished, But also time to learn.

    Weekends themselves are an outdated udea created for the times of long ago, When children needed to stay home and help their parents tend to the farm. Obviously, Times have changed. Sundays and Saturdays must go, Although every fortnight, There school should be no longer than 8, To provide students some chance to have a break.

    Holidays should be kept to a minimum, To allow time for national holidays. With these increased hours, It is obvious that a student will not have as much time for homework (nor will there be a need for any). There should be some flexibility to allow students to have days off, But there should be no less than 310 days of school attendance.

    Homework should be prevented for students on any average day, Except for fortnightly weekend school days, Where homework should be at least 1 and a half hours long.

    Clearly, These expectations are strict. However, Nations such ad Japan and China have extremely strict schedules that have allowed for enormous academic growth in their children. If these ideas are implemented here, Nothing will be able to stop children from unlocking their full potential.

  • Learning fun and future

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  • Time is Money!!

    Teachers aren't getting paid enough. Kids aren't learning enough. No one is getting a lot done in just one period that is less than 30 minutes. There are too many procrastinators in the class and only one lesson and on teacher. You get your HW done in class, it's a win-win situation for the whole class!

  • Tired At The End Of The School Day

    School can be very stressful, and adding on a few more hours might stress students out even more. While I understand that some people think that a longer school day is a smart idea, I do not. Of course school is important, but family is too. At the end of the school day, kids are tired, and may not be able to concentrate on school work, which can result in bad grades. Personally, I say no to longer school days.

  • Stress is difficult.

    I, a student myself believe that longer school day is definitely a ignorant idea. We are already working our best and gaining knowledge but at the end of the day, kids and just like adults and just like adults stress is hard. We have homework and extra curricular activities that we choose to do that will benefit our schooling. For adults to say that it is beneficial for children to endure longer school hours should talk to the children of our society because we are the ones you're talking about.

  • Am I being punk'd?

    Do people seriously agree with this? Schools, and society for that matter, fail to realise that learning also takes place outside of the physical school campus. There is so much more to life than a^2 = b^2 + c^2. Exploration, socialisation, etc. are vital skills that will be required, well... Forever!

    Additionally, the school learning environment is far from ideal. Students are treated as numbers and are forced into thinking that everyone is the same and, therefore, must think and act accordingly the same. Learning can be done much more efficiently at your own time and speed. This personalised learning takes place outside school.

    A longer school day would be counterproductive and waste valuable time, which we never seem to have enough of anyway.

  • Too Much Money!!!!!Too boring.

    I am a kid myself and I think that longer school day is a horrible idea because for one why would kids want to stay at school for more than 6 hours and learn about some boring subjects that teachers want us to have more homework and then with all that homework kids are not even going to do half of it so why even bother making the school day longer and another reason why longer school day is a bad idea is because of all the money people have to pay just to let their children go to school they have to pay for lunches,activities,field rips,and more so that's why they should not do longer school days.

  • More time, less learning.

    Many kids are truly "smart", not because they are superior in some way, but because they can pay attention. Many kids would simply zone out at the end of the day, rendering the last few periods useless. It would also give an increase in homework, giving less time for after school sports, adding an increase in obesity.

  • Nobody likes school

    Kids already gotta go to school for like 6-7 hours. I understand u can gain knowledge but like we already gain enough knowledge in 6-7 hours . Especially if u in middle school or high school we already got like 7 classes so we have to try to remember all the knowledge we get for like reading, math, science, social studies, language arts, act...... But yea I say NO!

  • No one likes school.

    Kids have to go to school for over six hours a day. Many students have outdoor activities in which they will not have time for with school. Kids have lives! They dont need to be in school all day being bored. I dont enjoy school. I have a ton of homework and extracurricular activities. I still have to wake up at 6:30. Longer school duration is not a good idea.

  • Stress and No True Value

    Okay. Schools should remain 6 Hours long. If it is increased to 7- Hours, then students will become stressed. They will have way too much homework, thus, they will be so stressed that their school work will suffer. Also, longer school days detract from a healthy, balanced lifestyle. More homework means less time to do it before bedtime, which means less time for students to go about their business. I'm 12 years old and I'm saying this.

  • Brianless kids need to know how to balance lifes

    Pupils get sick and tired of learning for 6 hours and they need to have a long rest. They can’t concentrate any longer, even for another hour. How would you feel if your teacher made you stay after school for another 2 hours? Would you say yes to stay? Furthermore some students need to go to their part time job after school. Besides that some kids from primary school need to be picked up by their older brother or sisters who go to secondary college. So you better think before you spit out your words that is against my words.

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