• Mac is better.

    Hey guys, remember that we're arguing on which is better. I don't think the price of a Mac should be used in your arguments. Besides, have you guys even tried using a Mac before? It's very easy and comfortable to use. If you're comparing functions and user friendliness, Mac DEFINITELY is the better among the two. We all have different perspectives on what should be there on a better computer, but I strongly disagree that the price should be a factor. Better products are more often more expensive, anyways, right?

  • Mac is better than a stock windows computer in most ways.

    Mac is better than a stock windows computer. Why? Well, Mac has a good design, nice build quality and ultra fast browsing and when accessing the computer in many ways. These days, windows computer is getting complex and complex, but Mac's simple yet exquisiteness is just so fascinating. I prefer Mac much more than a stock windows computer

  • If You want a premium product go with apple

    I always used windows for a long time and recently switched to Mac, I always thought they were to expensive and I could get the same thing cheaper with windows and it all comes down to if you want a premium product or not, I just love looking at my Mac, the way the keyboard feels, the way everything works is just really nice, sure windows does the same thing but premium product, I don't think so. Apple and macs are premium, usually premium products are more expensive and if I can afford it I always go premium

  • It greatly depends on your preference

    I have both a MacBook Pro and a desktop PC running Windows 7. What I can say about the two is that, although the hardware on my desktop computer is much more powerful (I use it for gaming mostly), the Mac is just such less of a hassle. For everyday activities and schoolwork I have to say a Mac is simply better because Apple seems to have a much more stable OS that doesn't sacrifice quality for a price drop. If you are willing to pay for it, a Mac is worth the money in the long run. As for the PC, I understand that it is more customizable and is easier to change. Apple seems to go for user friendly and stability with less risk whereas a Windows OS is much more of an open book. It is really up to preference and I would go as far to say application. I for one have both for different functions but you can't go wrong if you know what you're doing.

  • I don't think so.

    I think Windows is way better than Mac, because Windows is cheaper, and I can build my own Windows computer, I have an Acer Aspire One D270-1824 netbook PC that runs Windows 7 Starter, I also think that Apple needs to just shut down and have a new company better than Apple founded.

  • Everything a Mac can do...

    A Windows computer can do at less of a cost to you. If you want to edit images, Paint.Net is a free photo editor that's great, especially with plugin packs. If videos is your thing, Corel makes a great video editor that ranges from $60-100. No need to spend ~$400-500 more on a computer that serves the same exact tasks. And for those who say you get what you pay for with a Mac. Things are not the way they used to be. Yes, there was a time when Macs were superior, but that day has since left. Now days Macs are simply the same hardware, with a badge slapped on it, and a version of BSD with a proprietary software packaging system. You may as well go with a Windows system and Dual-boot Ubuntu to save some $$$. You can get the same tasks done.

  • The only thing you're paying is the brand name.

    Apple. That's all you're paying for, a name.
    Apple computers have less superior hardware than most PC's.
    Apple computers get viruses but most people just don't make viruses for Macs as it is less beneficial.
    Although Apple computers are shiny and they have a better quality, or do they? Think again!

  • So many reasons, but still an opinion

    Comprehensiveness: Windows is more flexible in terms of what it can do
    Ease of use: Windows wins here by a longshot
    Price: I've found that for their specifications Macs are quite expensive
    Looks: Both the physical computer and the GUI look bad on the Mac
    Building: I have no idea how to make a Mac, but with a PC I can mix and match parts to get a computer that I want.

  • I prefer windows

    I have a shared computer at my house with mountain lion, and I have a surface pro 2 running windows 8.1. I think that if you have $$$ the pay for a windows computer in the 1000+ range, you will get a very fast touchscreen ultrabook, that's thin and packs a punch. Unfortunately for windows however, the windows ecosystem is full of cheap plastic boxes that only barely qualify as a computer.

  • Mac is expensive

    I maybe be a Windows-fan boy but i will try to be so fair i can be.
    If you look at the hardware you easy see that Apple sell their products for most of the time expensiver than other's companys.
    If you look at software Mac it's easier for the people that aren't really "computer" people like myself.
    But you can buy a PC(Build yourself one, like i prefer to do) and install Mac operative system on it(You save money and get a faster computer, but once again people that want Mac aren't "computer" people)

  • Money doesn't grow on trees...

    ...But you'd prefer an Apple tree considering how significantly more expensive they are than Windows products. It's not that the hardware is poor, it's not that the interface is worse (it's arguably better), it's that you can get much more Windows for the same price. Also, a lot more products and software can be run on Windows compared to Macs, but this is a pretty generalised statement (there are plenty of instances where you can only run a program on a Mac).

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