• Macs is made out of metal.

    Macs is one of the best selling computers in the world. One of the expensive type of computer and is better than any other computer in the world. Macs have safari in which other computers don't have, macs have a better processor and macs have more memory that other computers with a total of a range of 500-somehting

  • Better Than Windows

    My friend has a mac and it runs better than my computer and its windows 8. My computer keeps crashing and it gets really annoying and plus macs can do more like animations and making cool videos and it has more fun games to play. I mean think about kid pix man. That games awesome and fun for kids to play. Like the bald undo guys. Macs are better than any other computer you argument is invalid.

  • Mac is awesome

    The Mac is one of the worlds most expensive computers, the reason, it is way too good, the new Mac Pro is amazingly fast and can multitask to over 100 things. Macs have not only lived as computers, laptops such as mac book pro has retina display and 5,000,000 more pixels than a freaking HD tv

  • They are not good

    I believe macs are grossly overpriced toys that are pretty much locked by apple, meaning there is no room for customisation. The only way to get more features is to fork out an extra $1000 so you can have an extra 4GB of RAM or something. PC has more customisation/gaming and Linux has far more freedom/coding abilities.

  • They are not very good

    While Apple does have a few advantages, they are still no comparison to other computers. They are made of metal, which makes them overheat easier, and get hot on the outside. They are way to expensive, for what is inside them. You could buy or make a computer with much better specs for the same price, or the same specs for a much lower price.

  • They are not !

    Macs are only more expensive because they are made by Apple! This is the only reason they are overpriced and this does not make them better computers. You van do everything you can do with a mac with a windows powered computer. Wether its making music or editing videos. All can be done using windows and you really dont have to have an apple product to do these kind of things. Its funny how people think you have to own apple to show that you are up to date with technology !!!.

  • It largely depends on what you need a Mac for but for most other things PC is better

    Macs are good for businesses, music, and filmmaking, but for home-use you can do much better with a PC. Macs are very resilient to viruses at the cost of more restrictions/less freedom/less content. With PC you have a choice of operating systems, custom hardware, and overall it can be more cost-efficient. PC is the one to go for serious Video Games as well with the Windows Operating Systems. Macs are not supported by as much software programmes and games compared to Windows PC. PC is something that can be built yourself using different parts of your choice not custom parts.

  • Depending on use

    People mistake the word PC for Windows and how they compare OS. Macs are great for editing and media usage and business but if you use it for typing essays and facebook, you're better off with a $200 Laptop. Window or Linux OS can do everything a Mac can do. Plus to solve your virus problems just wipe your hardrive and reinstall or get anti viruses. As for gaming Macs don't excel at. Something with high price tag's may look nice and perform well but the ratio is completely off.

  • Definitely not better

    Mac computers are overpriced computers. For 1000 bucks you can get an entry level mac. In pc world you can get an upper level hp laptop with enough money to buy a basic version of Microsoft Office. However if you want to go out and waste your money, feel free to buy a mac.

  • The question lacks specificity.

    Which Mac, exactly, are we talking about? Are we comparing the iMac to a supercomputer array? Are we comparing the MacBook Pro to a Kindle? Within the Mac product line, there is a vast difference in power and capabilities, some of which surpass comparable machines, some of which do not. Without knowing exactly to which Mac the question refers leaves us unable to provide a clear opinion, so the default answer must be "No"; at least until further information is provided.

    Further, as a long time Mac user (been using them since 1992), I can say with complete confidence that the BEST computer is the one that helps you the most. For me, obviously that means a Mac. But for someone else, perhaps someone involved in database development, server management, scientific modeling, or some other specialized field, the best computer might be something else. Because everyone is different and has different needs, the opinion that "a Mac is better than any other computer" is utter nonsense.

  • The argument is completely flawed

    Reading the argument in favor of this item it is almost offensive it was posted in the first place. If someone is going to make a statement that "Macs are better than any other computer" please bring something more than your own opinion. I am not a huge Mac fan, but a much stronger argument can be made in favor of them. They are good computers, but nothing can top the customizability of PCs over Macs. I would write more in favor of PCs over Macs but for purposes of this debate I don't want to waste my time

  • Macs are certainly not better than ANY other computer.

    First off, the main supporting argument in favor of macs being "better" holds no specific evidence to hold up. There are certainly many fine Macs on the market today. However PCs are far more customizable than Macs which can only be purchased in configurations deemed "approved" by Apple. This in my opinion limits the capabilities of the Macs in comparison to PCs. This same issue relates to the idea of upgrading and extending the life of a PCs whose lives can be extended greatly in comparison to Macs. I will say that Macs are great for music/video creation and editing, but that hardly makes it better than ANYTHING else.

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