• Those who believe that it is bad are simply ignorant. It exists within the United States.

    Before I commence my argument, let me provide some simple, in-the-mainstream's vocabulary points about a Machiavellian society under its ideal leader: the leader would love his/her people yet still remain strict. The leader would be caring at times or strike as fierce as an animal WHEN NECESSARY. The leader would be cunning yet honest. The leader would be tyrannical at times and open to the people. Throughout history, prominent politicians or leaders unconsciously follow under these standards. For example, Franklin D. Roosevelt had much power during the Great Depression and World War II (almost perceived as a socialist or power-grabbing tyrant) yet gave the people benefits that are treasured such as social security. Abraham Lincoln wanted unity (not end slavery) of the United States because he cared for the unity of the country not separate regions (Union & Confederacy) and proceeded to do create unity even by military or political means. It would be too quick to say that a historical ideal such as a Machiavellian society would be bad because it is outdated. Many historical ideas are integrated within society even up to this day.

  • Machiavelli isn't telling good people to be bad, he's telling them to learn from bad people

    Machiavelli merely highlights the world how it is. He's encouraging strong leadership to prevent major evil. His doctrine is a stand against blind naivety of people who assume too much that the world is built on pure morality and not reflecting the corrupted nature of the human race. A good leader needs to employ Machiavellianism to maintain power and bring glory to his nation

  • Microsoft and Apple

    People need to look at the characteristics of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and how they built their empires; very Machiavellian in approach because they believed what they were doing was for the greater good; however they bullied, lied, and intimidated those that stood in their way or were a threat to their process.

    In society, sometimes a little evil is required to prevent major evils from rising.

  • It is necessary for the continued survival of humanity

    Many fields of medicine and science are hindered due to ignorant people, these same people often are proponents of very bad legislation, it is easier to remove their vote and make the important decision for them so they do not harm themselves. If we continue down the current path humans will invariably die out.

  • It is a good idea.

    How is it not a good idea? Machiavelli wrote a great book and life should be just like that. Im proud of Machiavelli. He sounds like a genuine guy. I appreciate his life story and his decendents. I hope more people keep it real like him. And as always #staytrill

  • Necessary for maximum growth.

    Machiavellians are more observant, and attentive to, the intimate details and causes of the current and ever mutating group of species known as "us".

    Machiavellians can be as pragmatic as true justice requires, and protean in nature, as is required for adaptation in a timely fashion. Traits best suited for managing large groups of people to their continued benefit.

  • Who the hell cares??

    Its 2017! Get with the program! Who cares if its a good idea to have a Machiavellian society! Its so boring and stupid! No one really needs to know about this because its in the past! We have iPhone 7's, the internet and Xbox! So stupid and boring. I don't recommend reading the book or anything of it! Its a snooze athon!!

  • History SUCKS!! Boring AF

    Who the hell cares about a society that is already done and over with hundreds of years ago? The book for this is boring and get real, its 2017 for crying out loud!! Live in the future, we have iPhones, computers, cars and TV to worry about not this crap!!

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  • Not everybody can be machiavellian

    I consider myself to have a very machiavellian personality. Upon discovering Niccolo Machiavelli and traits of his kind I was taken back that I really agreed with what he had to say. I've been at a point in my life where I've been through too many toxic relationships with people and my trust and loyalty has been betrayed; you won't find anybody more loyal than I am to my friends. I'm a slow learner however I have grown sick of this and being in and out of friendships and not being able to fully trust anyone but if that's how everybody else it going to be, machiavellianism is a form of defense if you ask me. The inspiration of The Prince was the ultimate betrayal to Machiavelli from people he trusted. If everyone were like this, the world would be chaos and everyone would always be at war it would not be a good thing. Those of us that feel the need to be on defense should be on defense but there are also many people who go through life loving and being love by everyone around them and don't have the need to have Machiavellian approaches to societal situations. If everyone can be Machiavellian, then everyone can just unanimously be kind and respectful towards each other and we can all just get along without power struggles and out of control disagreement

  • Machiavellian Societies are not a Good Thing

    No, a Machiavellian society would not be a good idea. An entire society based around scheming, plotting, and looking out only for oneself is a society that would fall apart at the seems. Such a society would have no foundation to stand upon. Thus, a Machiavellian society would not be a good idea.

  • A bit outdated.

    While Machiavelli did have some very interesting ideas, I think that it is fair to say that his ideas are a bit on the outdated side. I don't think the majority of his ideas or concepts would suit the rest of the world very well these days. We should avoid his thoughts.

  • I don't think so, because absolute government power has hurt the world.

    Machiavelli had a lot of good insights into how governments maintain their power, but the entire notion of the absolute power of the state has caused great suffering throughout the world. Because of that, power should be decentralized amongst the people so as to prevent corruption and provide access to resources.

  • No, His Ideas Or Centuries Old

    Machiavelli wrote about governance during a time of the absolute power of nobility. Those times are gone, and so if you were to follow his writing textually and without interpretation for a modern era, his ideas are grossly out of date. Still, there are lot of politicians that channel the spirit of Machiavelli.

    Posted by: rpr

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