• Islam disallows questioning, thus discourages innovation.

    The Quran is a prescriptive text, proclaiming solutions for any sundry problem, but it does NOT allow questioning either it or the will of Allah, or his "messenger". It permeates Muslims lives, therefore THAT becomes s way of thinking for Muslims.
    The empirical evidence is clear too-of 52 Muslim majority countries only a handful can be said to be liberal democracies.

  • Brain dead religion and brain dead followers.

    Muslim idiots are´nt fit to mix with other peoples of the World. Ever since Islam exists, theyve been at war with each other. They are quite simply not fit to live amongst decent gentle people. Give your brain to allah and he´ll take care of everything......Hate the Jews and the Christians and evey other non muslim....Conquer the world. Nah fuck them.

  • There obsessed with there religion.

    Muslims cannot do anything themselves as most things in there religion is not allowed,muslims only believe in the next world so there's no need to be inspired in this world, muslims believe in a false religion, there is no allah as the koran is a complete load of stupid nonsense ie flying donkeys, split the moon, moon in which nobody else recorded, the sun sets in muddy water etc,muslims are brainwashed.

  • Muslims are pathetic

    Based on my personal experience and observation, many Muslims (male and female) exhibit behaviours of envy, insecurity, fear and lack of control over their own lives. To summarise everything: their religion aka ISLAM causes them to behave the pathetic way they do and as someone here said, results in many of them lashing out in anger and frustration at the happier, freer and more successful 'infidels'.

  • God does not exist

    Until the human race realizes that god in any form does not actually exist and all the horrendous things we do under this misapprehension are all done by us and only us, then we can never move on.
    If you give credence to any religion then you cannot argue with Islam.
    They are only carrying out what their scripture tells them.

  • Of it wasn't for oil wealth, majority will be like Somalia

    It's backward because their ideology is to take the quran as their book of knowledge. If you were indoctrinated from youth to think that way, you'd base your whole intelligence on that flawed, outdated book which is what we see today in boko Haram. On top of that, they are quite closed minded and unacceptingbof opposing views that goes against their teaching even if the opposing view was based on solid fact and science

  • Islam/sharia law forces the country to be backwards.

    The Koran was written in the 13th century and was used by Mohammad to put into law whatever he wanted, such as making women wear hijabs, teaching backwards things like Jews are monkeys and pigs, lots of inaccuracies (beliefs in the 13 th century that are scientifically incorrect, the worship on only one Arab god in the Kaaba, Allah, initially allowing the Muslims to worship Allah's know daughters, then changing his mind and claiming Shatan tricked him into allowing it, etc. Could the true word of God truly have inaccuracies? Could God's word really allow one teaching here and the opposite there? I think not. The Koran traps Muslims in 13th century mindset and customs, the only difference from the customs of the time come when it would suit Mohammad's agenda and help create a regime based on hate and terror. Islam is so full of hate toward God's creations who simply desire freedom to choose their own religion and way of life: the Jews and Christians, the apostate, the atheist and so on. Mohammad listened to Shatan and then abrogated (recanted - changed his mind) so frequently that one has to wonder if anything in the Koran is from God. The number of scientific and grammatical mistakes in the Koran alone prove that it is no perfect book from God, that is, unless God is so impotent as to allow Satan to confuse and trick His book writer, Mohammad or God simply didn't know perfect Arabic grammar. It just doesn't make sense to base a country's laws on such a flawed religion that believes a woman's testimony is worth only half that of the man and the same agoes for it's treatment of men who simply have chosen another religion. If this ancient backwards religion is a "religion of peace", why does it teach hate so strongly that it has spawned the most heinous crimes against humanity. Muslim countries will always be backwards for these reasons and so many more.

  • If You Have to Ask...

    Like I said, to have a debate about this implies that Islame is violent. Are there any Muslim-majority nations that are not violent, failed states. All one needs to do is read the Koran itself. The Koran is more akin to The Art of War than any other "holy book."

  • Time macine the quran

    The have a time machine "the Quran" that takes you 1400 years back in time.
    The Quran is full of contradictions and false steatemants.

    The eart is flat as a carpet. Humans are created 6000 years ago.

    Look to the Middle East where Islam is the dominant religion/cult what a mess it is.

  • Islam is nothing more then sex tips for rapists.

    Even in the Quran it is full of how much sex you can have who with and what to do if they say no. Even Allah is obsessed with sex. He has heaven running like a brothel, with virgins for all, sorry girls not for you. They tell Christians God can't have children, he sure is keen to get us all laid though.

  • Only the Rulinig Classes

    Most ordinary citizens of Islamic countries are not culturally backwards. Most such citizens embrace modern thought and modern technology and are accepting of the west and other religions and ideologies. But the ruling governments in those countries are oppressive and hateful regimes that reflect poorly on the normal everyday people in those countries.

  • No, the Islamic world is not "backwards". They have fewer resources and structure than the larger countries, such as the US or Britain.

    The Islamic world is situated in a giant desert and can not sustain the same vitality as larger countries with a variety of resources to pull from economically. The Islamic world could be just as advanced in technology and resources if they had the climate and conditions to be able to build such a country.

  • Not overall

    The thing with Islam is those that practice it that are backward are REALLY backward, to the point of shooting a young girl in the head because she wants to be educated and promising that they'll shoot her again as soon as they can get to her. There are many Muslims that understand how their religion applies to this world and how to make the two co-exist peacefully.

  • Of course they aren't

    To generalize an entire population like that is completely naive. Of course there are some extremists who give the rest a bad name, but there are that kind of people in any and all groups, such as Westboro Baptists when it comes to Christians. You can not make a blanket statement that the majority of the Islamic world is backward.

  • No, They Are Not

    The vast majority of Muslims in the world are peaceful and law-abiding citizens. As with many things, it is simply a few bad apples that have spoiled the whole barrel, so to speak. A minority of Islamic militants has made many people think that all Muslims are violent and backward, but this is simply not true.

  • Not entirely

    I believe many religious organizations around the world work backwards in comparison to the rest of the ever-evolving society of the world. However, this belief of mine does not condone the use of a blanket statement to describe the majority of Islamic or even Christian cultures. For centuries, religions have placed a wedge between separate cultures. The outbreak of religious wars (e.g. The Crusades) is to be blamed on the groups of religious extremists focused on eternal power. Much is the same with modern religious culture. Wars that begin with the battle of religion are to be blamed on the hungry leaders of these societies, not the religion itself. I am not religious by any means, but I do not have such a strong tie with that belief as to reject the beliefs of others nor forget the possibility of supernatural beings. Faith is a strong bond, and those who use it for evil are the ones we should be blaming.

  • More Advanced Socially

    We can't argue about their terrorist groups without forgetting that christianity launched 6 crusades in which we pillaged their lands, Goods, And sodomized their women and children. We can't judge these nations based on small factions, And their Qu'ran is no less controversial than the Bible, Which BY THE WAY can't agree on when Jesus was crucified or his true genealogy, And also claims that Joshua had the power to make the Sun stand still, IN SPITE OF science claiming the contrary.

    Muslims are considered "poorer" because their wealth is distributed among very few, And the western world continues involving itself in their politic and ruining the state even more. We've built an ideal society here by destroying a developing society in the Middle East, And many of the muslims are actually very honest and respectful people.

    Plus note: the richest man ever was a Muslim (Mansa Musa)

  • The Koran itself is a miracle. Some ignorant people criticize the Koran without reading it. They simply look for information in anti-Islamic sites.

    Many non-Muslim scientists or researchers have spoken highly of the Koran after reading it. Personal prejudice or racism often leads a man to malign a religion and this kind of naive approach can only make one look like a fool. I request everyone to acquire knowledge before jumping into conclusions.

  • The Developing World

    Most Muslim-majority countries are developing countries. This means they're rife with conflict and often not democracies. This is not a reflection of the religion, but the state of the region. A Christian majority country like Ethiopia is no better or worse than a Muslim majority country like Somalia. Both are wrecked from the after effects of colonialism and going through the growing pains of transitioning from a developing country to a developed country.

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