• Yes a man's worth is determined by his work ethic

    Yes, I think that a man's worth is determined by his work ethic, and a man who works harder has more of a worth than a man who chooses not to work at all. A man who is a harder worker gets further in life such as financially and with family, and this is what determines his worth.

  • Yes, it is

    Yes, I have to agree that a man's worth is determined by his work ethic. One of the seven deadly sins is sloth, which is laziness. Laziness is worthlessness. A man who has a high value or worth will show that through his work ethic and not give into sloth and laziness.

  • A man's worth is not is commitment to work

    In an enlightened society one must recognize the freedom, equality, and justice of man. One should look upon humanity and see in it more than work, more than profit, more than toil. Fidelity to an idea is only worth so much as the idea itself. It may well be that a society measures man by their commitment to profit, their commitment to god, their commitment to acts of community, but those societies see but one facet of a gem more beautiful than any diamond. A man's worth is not measured simply by commitment to toil and labour, whatever end that may be for. A man's worth is measured instead by their humanity. This may beg the question but here too, the search itself is part of the very thing being searched for. Know thyself, man, and to thy ownself be true, for this is the true measure, value, worth, of a man.

  • No, it is not.

    A man could have a completely sloppy and irresponsible work ethic but still be a very passionate, dedicated, and considerate human being. I think a man's worth is more determined by how he treats others and what his impact is on the community around him. Work is not the most important thing about a person's life.

  • No, it isn't

    While work ethic is certainly an important aspect of a man, you cannot draw a line this directly. A man needs to be faithful to his spouse, responsible, tolerant of his fellow man, so on and so forth. While it's mostly a never ending chain of cliches, these things cannot be disregarded. No one aspect of a person defines their value.

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