• Furthering your education will always be necessary for success.

    If someone wants to pursue a master's degree in a certain field in order to make more money it is always a good idea. Furthering your education will always help to make more money and build credibility for a person looking to make it big in a career for their future.

  • Means More Than A Bachelors

    I believe if you ask people of a Bachelors leads to success, most will now tell you it does not. However, if you obtain a Master's degree in a viable field and live in a large populated urban area, you will more than likely be somewhat successful. You will at least obtain the status of middle-class in America which has become very difficult to obtain. Your definition of success may vary.

  • No it is not.

    A Master's degree is not needed for someone to be successful. I think to be successful you just need the right amount of determination and the right amount of want. You have to be willing to work and strive for it. It does not matter your education, as long as you try hard.

  • A Master's degree is not necessary for success

    In fact, not even a Bachelor's degree should be necessary for success. I believe that no matter what degree you have, as long as its a high school diploma at least, if one works hard and contributes to society in positive ways then they are successful in my dictionary. The merit for success is when a person works and is a member of society, not based on the degree you hold.

  • It is not needed.

    A Master's degree helps, but is not needed for success. Hard work, a good attitude, and motivation are the most important factors for success. An intelligent and hard working person can start and work up in a company without a Master's. Also, you can start a company yourself and be a success.

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