• A Masters Degree is Worth it

    Education is very expensive, but it is the only viable option if you want to get a high paying job. Getting a masters degree would almost guarantee that you have a high paying job. People with lower education make much less over their life time. Consider the degree an investment, that will likely yield high returns through salary.

  • Higher Education = Higher Pay

    Statistics have been borne out for years--the more education you have, the higher the pay. Unless you own a business without a college degree, getting a job with a large firm or in academia requires advanced degrees. Complex professions such as law, accounting and medical fields require advanced degrees so regular folks know we are getting professionals who know what they are doing. Doctors, lawyers and accountants also make tons of money with good reason.

  • Profession needs professionals

    Master degree is not just a degree, it expands your knowledge and skills to upper level that you are capable working in your area professionally. Unfortunately, this world can not match right job with right people. However it does not mean that it is not worth go for a higher degree. Only when the average quality of people get improved, then the whole society can provide high quality of products.

  • A Master Degree is not worth it

    In today's fast moving environment we often forget that experience counts for something as well, receiving your Masters Degree only really says that you had the time and the money to spend on those additional credits. Looking at the need for experienced and talented individuals to solve the problems facing the future, we cannot afford turning down people who are willing to work hard just because they don't possess a Masters Degree in Science, Mathematics or Engineering.

  • No a master's degree is not worth the costs

    These days when you go to college, even for a Master's degree, it is on the basis that when you leave school some years later, there will be a job in the field you went for waiting. But that simply isn't the case anymore with the lack of jobs that exist presently, and the number of jobs being outsourced overseas. So you in effect are building your castle on's not a good idea.

    In addition to the time spent on something that may not exist when you finish, you waste time with meaningless classes that have little to do with the degree you seek, time you could have better spent working in your field of study already or studying up on it on your own if you weren't in school.

    So from either perspective, money or time wise, a master's degree really isn't worth the costs that are attached with it to me.

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