Is a military draft a good thing for governments to have in place permanently?

  • Everyone Will contribute

    America is lazy, nobody wants to do their part or they think by just paying their taxes they are such a huge asset to this nation meanwhile they are really just paying to have someone else do the work for them. I believe a military draft will provide dicipline and respect in our youth and teach them valuable life lessons. Along with all of the benefits it's a good kick off to their new adulthood life and can give them guidance as well as experience to do other things in life later on. Kids are especially lazy these days, this would be a growing up experience and gauranteed paycheck for them along with a growing and financially opportunity. You may say college would be better, but the military can help pay for that as well as prepare them for college. What kid honestly knows what he/she wants to do right out of high school? let's be real here.

  • Repeat Success

    Although there is a strong argument against the draft because of possible disloyalty, the sense of nationalism within a country will determine to what degree disloyalty will exist. Children should be raised to love their country, defend freedom, do what is right, and protect and love their families. If this is ingrained in their character, grown-up children will be eager to serve their country.
    In addition, the military draft creates more responsible citizens. One who is raised to depend on his country is not trustworthy when responsibility falls on his shoulders.
    The argument that one would not want to go overseas and shoot at people, can be easily refuted by the pointing out an error in logic. The military draft does not require that one must go overseas or that one must shoot at people or risk one's life.
    Finally, the military draft could actually save lives, rather than destroying them. The greater the force of dutiful citizens that are actively serving their country, defending the weak, fighting for freedom, and doing what is right, the better chance that wars will end quickly and the less chance there is that wars will even begin. No one wants to go to war with a country full of upright, responsible, loyal, and motivated fighters. The moral and motivated will be the victors.

  • It has been beneficial in the past.

    If I had got drafted to the Army I would love it. I think it would do most Americans good. They should have a draft with this Korea thing striking up. Better yet I think I'd march right down to the recruiting office that day and sign the papers. Just think of how successful the military draft has been in the past. Without the draft in the past we might not be here today. Just my thoughts on voting yes to military draft.

  • Yes, a mandatory military draft will benefit the country.

    In the world, there are plenty of growing countries. Not only are the little countries growing, but the big ones are too. As China and India grow, their armies will be getting bigger, even more so then they already are. Should our country just stand by and let this happen? Our population will never be what theirs is, so we can expect to win anything with our small military vs. theirs. If we decided to have a mandatory draft, it would stop the spending on unnessacary technology that everyone claims is "stupid" and not needed. That money will instead be going to soldiers fighting and protecting us. What will win a war, a computer or thousands of training men going into combat? A military draft is a good option we should keep open in our heads. Also, America is a Republic, not a Democracy. If we had people serve for just a minimum of 2 years once they reached the age of 19, I don't see that pain of that taking away their "freedom". Everyone is so concerned about that freedom but they don't realize that it's not just magically there. You need to earn that freedom, as our forefathers did back in the Revolution. They deserved it, and so will you, if you respect and love your country, then fight for it and protect it. And who knows, you may find that you like the military and make an awesome career of it.

  • Everyone should assist the country they live in.

    Everyone should assist the country they live in. If you don't want to fight for what your country stands for then you have no business living there. People should support the country they live in, whether that be in times of war or times of peace. It doesn't matter how you view country. If you dislike the country you live in then move to somewhere that you are willing to support.

  • Without it, we are RULED by the military-industrial complex!

    The greatest benefit to the military-industrial complex - and the subsequent DRAINING of our national wealth that has since occurred - was the end of selective service in 1973. With no skin (literally) in the game, the vast majority of American people are simply able to ignore what government does with the military - to simply turn away from the costs and consequences of war. With no one interested, war profiteers have used their lobbying dollars to influence a generation of politicians toward greater and greater military spending and lesser and lesser impediments toward military interventionism.

    Three generations ago we fought WWII after a long battle of will in this country over whether or not to engage. Some have used that debate to promote the idea that America dithered....That had we intervened sooner, the costs would have been less. Instead, when the U.S. Entered, we entered "all-in". We made the full sacrifice necessary to ASSURE victory. The draft was an integral part of that shared and total sacrifice - and it is why we honor these soldiers by conferring upon their generation the title The Greatest Generation.

    Contrast that with U.S. Militarism since the end of the draft.

    We have fought almost continuously since the 1990's in one junket after-another. We have bases in every corner of the world. We spend more on military than the next 13 nations combined - 9 of whom are our allies - nearly half of the world's total expenditure on militarism. And yet, we have recently had the two longest and most expensive wars in our nation's history and have not achieved, and likely will not achieve, our objectives.


    Because the vast majority of Americans have no skin (literally AND metaphorically) in the game!

    If we had the draft, we would be vastly more suspicious of the influence the military-industrial complex has over Washington, D.C. We would be vastly more engaged in the debates that arise almost non-stop over which despot needs to be "sent a message" or which "interest" merits our military's attention. We would be less accepting of the vast and sprawling military infrastructure that circumnavigates the globe.

    Were that our children and grandchildren made to be sacrificed for the interests of the military-industrial complex, that complex would have less-and-less influence over them almost immediately.

    Today, we are debating yet another such junket, in Syria. Yet almost without hesitation, congress will once again send planes flying overhead of other civilians in order to impose our will on yet another oppressed population. And if it leads to an all-out war in the region - one that will surely involve Iran and possibly Israel - you can rest assured that the next debate will be over how many "boots on the ground" we need to win quickly and decisively (though you will never see the carnage on TV).

    But since YOUR kids and MY kids will not be serving - we will just turn the channel or log on to Facebook.....

  • Yes i agree with the draft

    you guys have to realize that draft is a good thing Without out draft USA might not have even existed. if we didnt draft peple we wouldve lost the vietnam war and world war II. and people that are saying Right Now we have plenty volunteers well just wait when and if there is another big war we wont have enough volunteers

  • America home of the brave?

    If everyone has such a high moral to call themselves Americans then why can't they stand up and fight so that their children can be Americans too? You say it's silly we'll then it's silly to have freedom if you don't make contributions. That doesn't mean the taxes that youre forced to pay I mean you stand up and fight for what you believe in whether thats by voice, fist, or guns.

  • is a military draft a good thing YES

    if all these poor people have to go to war because all the rich want to fight wars then they can send there own kids to war instead of having other people fighting there wars. i think we as a nation should have to fight a war that at that point and time is going on rich or poor.

  • Young adults will learn responsibility and discipline.

    Mandatory military service will also reduce obesity in the younger generations and possibly teach them to want to stay fit due to the physical training that is required. Another reason is the fact that many young adults these days aren't responsible enough as they could be; there are still a large amount of drop-outs, although there are a lot less than previous years... Also, drug use has skyrocketed since the fifties. Peer pressure might cause addicts to want to come clean so they could work with their friends. Another idea to think about is the usage of weapons of mass destruction during wars. These are suggested to be deployed when countries have no other option because of the incredible loss of human life when applied. If armies fought against each other traditionally, the most likely outcome would be a standard war with a much less death toll. I know that war is not what most people want, but think about the consequences of battles fought by nuclear weapons versus land and sea battles

  • Freedom and Freewill Stripped

    I believe that it would go against human rights to force people to serve in the military. Their heart obviously wouldn't be in it i they were forcefully drafted; it would be suicidal for many young men and woman who could rather spend their lives doing something benificial and of their free will

  • I don't ever think that a draft is a good thing, because it isn't right to require a person to go to war.

    I can understand asking people who are for a war and in line with their government to go to war, even though I personally think that war is just plain wrong. However, I cannot see any sense in sending people who are of different political beliefs than their government, or who are simply against war, to fight in any war. It is possibly, and often likely, a death sentence, with no crime having been committed. Even when soldiers survive fighting one or more wars, they often have complex psychiatric disorders related to the trauma. There exists terror and brainwashing that occur on a regular basis in armed forces of all kinds.

    Posted by: PleasantCleveland49
  • Absolutely NO WAY!

    I did not have my children to go off and die in someone else's war. No one should be forced to kill or put their life on the line. We all have a right to defend our lives. No one should have the right to say we must support their cause. If there are not enough willing people, then consider it as the majority don't want the war.

  • Hypocrisy like no other

    How does one defend freedom when they are not free themselves? A draft is a forceful entry into the military, hence the denial of freedom. How can young men be forced to fight for a country if that country is a lie? "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin.

    It goes against our principles, it goes against our beliefs. If the war is worth fighting, the people will rise. If the war is immoral and goes against the American Ideal, no one will serve. A draft is the sign that we're fighting an immoral war that goes against core American principles.

    Forcing someone to give up their life so you have more money in your pockets Mr./Mrs. Congressman/women, is both immoral and is breaking your oath you took upon taking office.

  • No, the military draft strips the youth of their freedom.

    The reason I think that the youth are being stripped of of their freedom is because they are being forced into the war because of military drafting. Drafting is a terrible idea made up because of the government. It's silly to keep going on today, because both our country and government have evolved. So, if kids are drafted, what will people do? Stand there and watch their child walk off for the last time?

  • People's hearts could get broken.

    Can you imagine getting torn apart from you family? Personally, I would hate for my Dad to get drafted in the army. Other Moms and Dads might get drafted, leaving their children behind. It's possible they'd never come back. Also, if they did come back, they might be scarred for life after seeing all of the murder and blood shed, and the guilt of having done some themselves.

  • America's military is perfect the way it is.

    A military draft is bad for many reasons. One is because we really don’t need it. America has the most powerful military in the entire world and we have 100% volunteers. Another reason is we would be placing inexperienced soldiers in the military to fight for our country. Why would we want them fighting for our freedom? Speaking of freedom, isn't one of America's laws freedom? It is not freedom to be placed on a battle field without having any say. Not only all of this but also it would be a ton of time and money to start doing a draft, why do it? America’s military is perfect the way it is. Let’s not mess it up with a draft.

  • Promotes A False Concept of "Love of Country", True "Love of Country" Means Criticizing Your Country

    This tends to go along with hypernationalistic ideologies. One poster in "yes" says children should be raised love their country. Children should be raised to love their countries in the sense of wanting what is best for their country including the ethical character of their country NOT to love it uncritically and approve of everything it does. That's what a draft promotes. If you love your country you don't join the military and go to war if it's an illegitimate war, you protest or at least you talk and discuss with people about why the war is wrong, you try to get it to end, and it's because you love your country, just like if you had a child who was a bully at school you would tell your child it was wrong and tell them to stop, not to encourage your child to continue beating up other children, you certainly wouldn't listen to the child threaten to beat you up if you refuse to come to school with him and help him bully other children. And sometimes the people in charge of the government are a lot like children!

  • At what and who's benefit?

    Cooperation has been the leading strategy that has allowed for the progression of humanity, I believe we need to work toward global cooperation, not war, if humanity is to preserve itself as a higher entity. I don't believe that any of the wars since WW 2 have been factors in protecting sovereignty and these threats have been socially engineered. How can you force someone to do something that may not be in their best interest? Freedom entails self-preservation. What if a person does not believe in violence? Murder? Or war? How could you possibly force such a person to fight? What benefit would they serve in a military setting? In a democratic country the beliefs of an individual may very well be different then the state/ elected government, thus an individual who may be willing to fight for their country in some circumstances be forced under circumstances they don’t agree with. Thus conscription as a whole needs to be re-evaluated, but perhaps not eliminated if no other option can be produced.

  • Military service should be voluntary not mandatory!

    People who want to serve have already engaged in that idea and are prepared mentally. Someone who is drafted, and does not want to serve, is only a danger to the rest. Their fear, and lack of being engaged will only make them easy prey. Would you like to have to see a MD who was forced to be a MD, or someone who was forced to be a dentist? I certainly wouldn't.

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Tlrmrtn says2016-04-28T14:39:32.470
The Drat I think is a bad thing, because it enlist people that might not want to join the military but have to because of a draft. The All-Volunteer is probably the best thing the Gov. has come up with.