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  • I do not believe so

    In times long past it may have been necessary to exert power over the commonwealth/people, But now they are another form of celebrity gossip in magazines and on television. So overall the monarchy system should be removed from the UK, As like others have mentioned, A lot of their money, Could be used elsewhere.

  • Antiquated and necessary

    What for? It is a relic during a time of peasant and lord. The USA was founded as a republic to counter the ensconce of ruling monarch and throaty. It ushered in democracy as a solution to ultimate ruling corruption. Going back to a monarchy is to turn the clock.

  • Monarchies should be a thing of the past.

    People in the UK are practically indoctrinated to romanticize the royal family. They serve as figureheads and never utilize the powers they do have because the moment they do, It will raise attention to the discussion of whether they should abolish it. So, Instead they do nothing and collect the wealth of the UK's citizens and have other passive or useless negative affects on the economy.

    It's time for Britain to wake up.

  • Monarchy’s are out dated

    Why should one family get more power and wealth than everybody else just for being born that way and like if we are to look at Great Britain they don’t even do anything they sit on gold toilets and wipe their asses with hundred pound bills and lector everybody else on gread and lets say that they did do something well I think we can all agree that all laws should be passed by an elected legislative body like parliament

  • They Are Useless

    If we combine all the money taxpayers all over the world are required to pay, We would probably have enough to solve world hunger, Or donate enough money to find a cure for cancer. The British royal family alone costs taxpayers 86 million dollars a year.

    If I lived in a country with a monarchy, I would much rather spend the money on something useful than on a family that does nothing to contribute to society but post pictures of their lavish and overly expensive lifestyle and that spends the money taxpayers give them on million dollar, Gold, Diamond-encrusted nail clippers for their spoilt kids.

    The world would be such a better place if a monarchy was abolished, Something that was useful 500 years ago but is more of a pain than anything now.

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