• It would give them a place to be proud of.

    Yes, I think a National Museum for Latinos is an excellent idea. It would give Latinos a place that displayed their heritage. Instead of always feeling like they were second class citizens, this would give them something that was theirs alone - something they could be proud of and take their children to.

  • Yes it is

    The idea of having a national museum for Latinos here in the United States of America is a good idea that we might want to have. These people have made big differences in this country that should be recognized by people within the community along with others outside of it too.

  • They have a story.

    Yes, a National Museum for Latinos is a good idea, because they are an important part of our nation's history. There is a national museum for the Holocaust. There are so many Latinos in the United States. They have a varied history, and I would be interested to go see exhibits about their contributions.

  • Sounds Good To Me

    I believe a national museum for Latinos would be a good idea. I hope were talking about a museum that shows their history that would be open to all. I believe public projects like this are good for our society and we should have more of these projects to provide jobs and to provide a forum for society.

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