• National WIFI feasible

    I do believe that a national WIFI network if feasible but we would have to have a strong enough signal kind of like a cell tower for everyone to be able to connect to the wifi network, and if that were the case then the network for wifi wouldnt be free

  • The technology is there.

    Yes, a national network for Wi-Fi is feasible, because the technology already exists to run a network across the entire country. Wi-Fi networking exists is large pockets across the country. It would only be a matter of making the networks compatible and connecting them, as well as deciding who is going to pay for it.

  • It is totally possible.

    A national Wi-Fi network is feasible because the infrastructure for smaller networks has already been created over the years. Specific companies are doing this, and labeling the networks as their territory. If they all joined together they could easily create a national network, even getting those non-networked parts of the country set up.

  • Not economically feasable.

    We can't even figure out national health care, which would save or improve lives. I doubt the politicians could, or should, find the money to pay for this, and no private company would front the expense. Additionally, cell towers do not equal wifi. Units would need to be much closer together, and the United States is a lot of empty space. Lastly, the motivation doesn't exist. Long range wireless high speed data networks already exist (4g) and are expanding rapidly. They are much better suited to the task.

  • I Doubt It

    When you consider the vastness of the United States and all of the land that isn't occupied or is occupied at very low rates, I think it is impossible to have a national Wi-Fi network. I believe if this is a goal it should start in our larger cities and branch out from there, rather than provide Wi-Fi in some areas it won't be used.

  • No, a national Wi-Fi network is not feasible.

    The idea that a national Wi-Fi network is possible is just way too technologically difficult and expensive. The amount of infrastructure that would be needed to make such a thing possible would not be practical. I also do not think people would want such a thing since it would worry some that costs might be turned over to the customers.

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