Is a natural organ better than a circumcised one?

  • Of course, But a good percentage of males don’t get to choose

    At their birth they lose a part of their manhood, And for what? Tradition? Old habits do not justify harming a person’s body, Especially without consent. As for medical arguments, A man can easily alleviate the risk by washing oneself and getting protection. If the male’s life is not in danger, His manhood should be left alone.

  • Even if it was useless (and it’s not)

    Even if it was useless, Why should we remove it when we don’t remove our tailbones even though they are useless? Whatever happened to “my body my choice? ” Removing the foreskin is permanent and it should be up to the adult with the penis in question to make that decision for themselves. Obviously for rare medical conditions where removal is necessary it would be acceptable.

  • It is not nice to fool with mother nature so do not take a knife to the foreskin.

    Human rights is the strongest defense that is in favor of keeping babies natural. When they reach adulthood their natural parts will feel better and make the experience so much more enjoyable than the carbon copy mutilated version popularly known as circumcision.

    I used to think of him as a doctor
    with a heavenly glow
    Then I thought of him as a salesman
    I did not want to know
    Now with my foreskin gone
    I'm beyond belief
    He is nothing more
    than a common thief!

  • People don't clean themselves anymore.

    When they cum some of it gets stuck in the crevices and it festers for months before they can find a lake or have another person clean it with their mouth. Good hygiene. I suppose you could spit on it and try and get it out but who spits on their own weenie? And what of the spit that remains? I'm getting tired of cleaning my own. It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. Next time I'm just going to bite it off.

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