Is a nuclear-armed North Korea unacceptable: Can non-military measures be taken to denuclearize North Korea?

  • Yes, North Korea can be pressured.

    Yes, non-military measures can be taken to denuclearize North Korea, because non-military measures will have much less of a loss of human life. North Korea needs to be sent a clear message that neither nuclear weapons nor its horrendous history of human rights abuses will be tolerated. With this much suffering, it is not something that should be pushed aside.

  • It is unacceptable.

    A nuclear-armed North Korea is unacceptable and we should take non-military measures to denuclearize North Korea. I dont think any country should have access to nuclear weapons and its extremely important that we take the measures in order to denuclearize them because we have no idea of what their intentions are when they hold nuclear weapons.

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