Is a nuclear Iran intolerable: Is a nuclear Iran intolerable to Middle East security?

  • A nuclear Iran can't be tolerated

    A nuclear Iran cannot be tolerated. A nuclear Iran would potentially disrupt the
    entire Middle East. A nuclear Iran would
    pose a potentially fatal threat to Israel.
    A nuclear Iran could possibly develop weapons with the capability to
    reach America. Also, a nuclear Iran could
    sell these weapons to terrorist groups in the Middle East.

  • Does the NPT Mean Nothing?

    In the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, it is a right of all nations to enrich nuclear materials for medical use. Iran has not reached the point of being able to produce weapons grade uranium, nor has it produced a weapon, thus it has not broken the treaty. Also, to say that a nuclear Iran is "intolerable" is in some sense a moral or ethical judgment; a nuclear Soviet Union (and in fact a nuclear U.S.) is in some sense intolerable, since the fate of humanity is in doubt, and yet we do tolerate it. If MAD works for us, why not for Iran?

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