Is a nuclear Iran intolerable: Is diplomacy a limited option, making a nuclear Iran intolerable?

  • Iran has to be made nuclear free.

    Only in the sense that all Nations should adopt a policy of nuclear disarmament, Since many nuclear countries won't do it than making sure Iran does not add to the list of nuclear proliferators and chemical proliferators should be a key priority for all. A nuclear free Iran is also a nuclear free Saudi Arabia and a nuclear free Israel. Syria will also be discouraged from developing a bomb since possessing one will not leave them any more stable.

  • Nuclear Iran Intolerable

    A nuclear Iran is intolerable as is a nuclear South Korea to an aggressive North Korea war confrontation. A weapon that can destroy all of mankind and the world should not be in the hands of a middle east country or an Asian country that could use it for terroism.

  • A nuclear Iran isn't the end of the world

    Iran has at times come off as an incredibly smug and arrogant country, but they're not one that's above the concept of mutually assured destruction. Nobody is, that's why North Korea doesn't ever do anything but talk. Iran having nuclear capabilities isn't going to lead to them nuking the planet, they know if they fired a nuke at anybody they'd be wiped off the planet about an hour after doing it.

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