Is a nuclear Iran intolerable: Would Iran supply a nuclear weapon to terrorists?

  • Chances Shan't be Taken!

    This is a delicate matter and does deal in the rights owed to countries across our globe. However, it is also a question and possible threat to the welfare of the countries across this globe, and I do not believe that it should be allowed to be gone through with.

  • If iran suppyies

    The terrorists with nuclear weapons, the terrrists would be stronger. A large amount of people would be dead. Which includes Iran. Iran is hurting themself and many other country. Even though the terrirists are from Iran, The country next to Iran may also which can cause the damage to Iran itself.

  • Iran's Hardliners Want Nukes for Themselves

    Iran has spent a lot of money to develop nuclear energy in the country. For the hardline nation to sell nuclear weapons to terrorists would be foolhardy because it is a waste of money and doesn't achieve Iran's goals. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated he wanted to see Israel destroyed. Selling nuclear weapons detracts from that goal. Even though there is a new leader in place, Iran could still benefit from nuclear power. The totalitarian regime may not even tolerate terrorists within its own borders, so selling weapons to an organization doesn't fit with the hardline government.

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