Is a one-state solution the best way to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

  • Yes it is

    I think that a one-state solution would not be a bad idea for a solution in that region due to all the massive political instability there. The one-state solution is the way to go to avoid anymore mass hysteria over the same old contradictions that have been going on for so long.

  • Everyone citizens of one state, west bank and Israel only

    Israel is a western democracy that would be the most beneficial solution for the Palestinians if they are accepted as full citizens. Palestinian and Israeli birthrates seem to be similar now.
    Israelis won't fear that they will be swamped by more fertile Palestinians, thus will feel more comfortable integrating the arab population with full equality. They succeeded in integrating arab and European jews who were very different culturally. I believe that the Palestinians are mostly those Hebrews who remained on the land when the others were expelled or left in Roman times. If both sides could believe this, it might bring them closer together. Both sides have right on their side and are the victims of history.
    Israelis should be the majority because that will give this scenario the best chance of succeeding.
    The Palestinians have successfully waged their war of the womb and have multiplied 16-fold in less than a century. That is why they will have to forego their right of return. Otherwise, their will be no solution that Israel will agree to. Gaza should become independent immediately.

  • One vote

    Israel has made it impossible for two states. Anyone who has gone to the occupied territories already knows that. Right now, Israel is an Apartheid state where occupied Palestinians have no say in the people controlling their destiny. The only way this horrid occupation is going to be stopped is for all people n Palestine/Israel to join together in one state for everyone.

    It's been done in Germany. It's been done in South Africa. There is no reason why the Jews, Christians and Muslims can't learn how to share the sandbox

  • A one state solution could work

    By combining the two states you allow Israel to have more jurisdiction over the people who cause havoc in Gaza. Also, by mixing the people you would see a community form and the violence would lessen. By isolating and alienating they see each other as enemies. A one state solution could help them revise their views.

  • Everyone Needs to Get Along

    Eventually the Jews and Palestinians will realize that killing each other over land and temples is a waste. Blowing each other up because of a land grab or relocated settlement isn't the answer because in the end, you can't take earthly possessions with you to the afterlife. A one-state solution works because it forces both sides into a peace agreement whereby everyone has to get along.

  • It won't solve the conflict

    I don't think the "One-State" Solution is able to solve the problem. What the "One-State" Solution will bring, is a civil war. Besides borders, Palestine and Israel fight because they have different religions. This is what will lead to an even larger conflict. A civil war will erupt, and the fight will go on until one of both is annihalated. I'm not saying there is no hope at all. I am saying that there is a chance for mass murder. I do not want to take the risk.

  • Each side has its own culture and religion - neighbors YES one country NO.

    Both sides deserve a good life and future for their families in a peaceful democratic country of their own. We have a lot in common but are very different people, so one country is not an option.
    When the leaders on both sides realize that human life is more important than a greater or smaller piece of land, real peace talks will start.

  • A one-state solution would never work

    A one-state solution is a fantasy that neither party would ever support or accept. Israelis and Palestinians are two very different peoples with differences that go far beyond religion or ethnicity. If such a state were somehow created , it would most likely erupt in bloody civil war on day one as the two sides strived for power in the new state over the other group. Let each group have their own state and control their own destinies.

  • Let each party control their destiny.

    The Israelis have made it clear that they want peace. They wish to live their lives without constant fear of sirens and bombings. A one-state solution would not solve this issue; there would still be tensions within that state about power. I have no doubt that the Israelis would treat the Palestinians with utmost respect in a state, but it is best if each group is allowed to live as they wish.

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