Is a peaceful, equal society viable for human beings?

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  • Ofcourse it would be viable for society to be Equal and peaceful.

    Chimpanzees and Bonobos share a common ancestor with us humans,they are the closest cousin's to our species.They show both half's of how society is run today.Chimpanzees show our Destructive side of war and dominates where the males lead are one side of humanity.But Bonobos show how peacemaking and act's of kindness where the females lead are the other side of how we act in every day life.

    Either way through societal values is how we see the world.

  • YES it is

    It's possible, will his happen probably not. But it's possible. Hippies loved everyone (except Lyndon B. Johnson) but if we all loved everyone and we're happy with what we have, and didn't feel the need to take over everything, this world could work as one. "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" - Jimi Hendrix

  • Yes. A peaceful society where everyone is equal IS possible but . . .

    Yes. A peaceful society where is everyone is equal IS possible but only when the majority genuinely wants peace and equality. I see a lot of angry people on the internet and on the television, many of which want to be BETTER than others. Peace and equality cannot possibly come from that kind of prevalent attitude. People genuinely need to want peace and equality in order for these to be established in this world. I do not believe humans have the capacity to this without some kind of divine reinforcement. But I think God has just the solution to make it a reality. It's called "the devil"; he is here to destroy those that DO NOT want equality and peace!

  • As The Deli Lama Pointed Out, A Peaceful Equal Society Can Only Occur In A Fully Secular World. Religious Leadership Creates Divisions.

    It's Absolutely True: If we have a non secular (religious) society, the dominant religion, even if it did not intend to, will harbor division in the nation, simply because of it's position which other world views will see their beliefs as being ignored or marginalized, which in itself created discontent.

    In a truly Secular (neutral, all religions are equal) nation, all faiths are treated or ignored equally, thus they cannot view any other belief system as being treated better than their own. All are marginalized equally. LOL

    Having any belief system/superstition dominate, causes problems.
    The US founding fathers knew this, which is why they wanted and tried to create a truly Secular US, but the Ignorant, Arrogant, Narcissistic Christian groups, Couldn't Let This Happen.
    If the founding fathers got their dream, and US was entirely secular, it would be a far more Intelligent and Peaceful Nation.
    Then it really would have the Qualities required to lead the rest of the Earth into Peace.
    All the US has demonstrated to the rest of the world, is it's Naive Arrogance.

  • We must try our best to make the seemingly impossible become a reality

    A perfect world; utopia. I admit that this is very hard to make. However, I believe that through careful thinking and enough time, we can create a peaceful society. We already are progressing now. Think about the long way we've come from (medieval to modern), and how much more we can achieve together.

    Even if it is impossible to create a perfect world (I can fully understand why some think this way), we should not give up but try our best. If we can't make it 100%, lets make it 99.

  • It is nigh-impossible

    Ideas of peace among humankind is a mere pipe dream. It will never happen. Omnicide is what will end the human timeline on planet Earth and world peace and equality will not have been achieved before that happens. Humans may come close, but then I even doubt that...

    Humans can't help but discriminate in some form or another. It's part of how we differentiate people around us. I would go as far as to say that even if every human was physically identical people would still find ways to differentiate (and thus discriminate against) others.

    Animals discriminate, they do it all the time. Their reason for discrimination is for survival. Too old to produce offspring ? You're useless, discrimination for you. Deemed too weak or unfavourable to mate with ? You're useless, discrimination for you. Can't hunt anymore ? You're useless, discrimination for you. It's inherent in almost all animals' natures. Guess what ? Humans are animals too. Yes, we're animals with a much greater form of intelligence, but we are still animals. That discrimination is inherent in us too. So any thoughts of peace go flying out the window.

    Also sentient life is hierarchical. There's always a leader(s) and their followers. Always. Generally it becomes more prominent the more intelligent the species gets but it's always there. And if there's a hierarchy, equality can only be, at best, superficial.

  • Human Nature and Life

    People are greedy but that is what defines us. When I look at a person making a deal or a bet why would the person make the bet not in their favour. When you think about a job who will benefit long term the boss or employee. The correct answer would more likely be the boss who benefits from the hard working employee who makes money for him and his company

  • Peace is an illusion

    The very idea of peace is an illusion. If you create a society that values peacefulness as an absolute it would become necessary to destroy all sub-cultures that have different values, even those that believe in peace in a less absolutist manner.

    Take a current debate: gun control. For advocates of firearm ownership the belief in peace is tempered by a secondary belief that some people are going to do bad things and free people must be afforded a right to defend themselves. In the most rigorous form, this belief includes a right to defend freedom against government overreach. For those with an absolutist view of a peaceful society the idea of implements such as firearms being available within their society is a non-starter. Guns must be confiscated to create their ideal society. This can only be done using force and, ironically, guns on the part of the confiscators. Will a group whose will has been overriden, in this case gun owners, really believe their society is free and equal? If they don't, how can conflict be avoided?

    For a group like vegans, a free and equal society must include animals. Their vision of a peaceful society would be one in which animal agriculture did not exist. If the supposed peaceful society they are part of continued a form of animal agriculture then they would not see this society as truly being free or equal. In this instance how could there not be conflict? If the vegans got their way, how could you end animal agriculture but through the application of force? What, then, becomes of those who disagreed and had their will overridden? Their disenfranchisement from this "peaceful" society cannot help but be a source of conflict.

    In the end, a "peaceful" society is nothing but conceptual categories of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. What do you do with those that disagree with your conceptual categories? Do you kill them? That's not very peaceful! Do you imprison them? Difficult to consider a society free when it has thought police. Do you throw them out? Now you are in competition with a group that is embittered towards you. Not exactly a path to peace.

  • I'd Say No

    For human beings to have a peaceful society we would all have to agree on what form out society would take. There is no evidence in history which would even suggest that we are capable of doing that peacefully. Take tribal societies for example. In almost every scenario, they are absorbed into other societies by force. What about people who form their societies based off of a low tech and/or religious ideal, such as the Amish? If these people are given the choice, they will not join another form of society. Even if the end result were peace, if this peace were achieved through violence, war, or economic pressure, it would expose that this new peaceful society would only remain at peace so long as nobody disagreed. Regardless, if people are forced into a society it cannot be seen as peaceful or equal.

  • 100% impossible - Aggressiveness is in our genes

    Long ago there were multiple tribes. One tribe might have been peaceful and friendly and another aggressive. When these two tribes met what do you think would have happened? The aggressive ones killed out the non-aggressive leaving only the genes of the aggressive tribe. If the genes within a tribe became too aggressive the tribe turned on itself and wiped itself out. So overall, the genes that were passed on are the slightly aggressive genes. We're the result. This is just a theory and it would be basically impossible to find evidence to support it but look at the results today that support this theory: people have an ego and put ourselves before others which is bad for a harmonious civilisation, we are always competing and fighting over one thing or another (since it's in our nature), we always think whatever group (modern day tribes) we're in is better than all the other groups (religion, sports teams, locality, brand of possessions we own, and so on).
    Peaceful, equal society would be good but it'll never happen unless we start a system of eugenics (selective breeding) to remove the aggressive genes. This will never happen because of all the emotional people who start on the "but who will decide who gets to breed" argument and of course Reductio ad Hitlerum always gets thrown into the mix too. At this stage, women prefer to breed with strong, dominant men and nobody has control so the aggressive genes are still being passed on and society will never be peaceful. Best just to try to find peace within your own little circle and help out others whenever you can.

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