• People are born gay

    I am gay, And I know for sure that I didn’t choose it. I used to act more feminine and more “gay” as a child as well. I wouldn’t mind playing with dolls or playing girly games. I need 13 more words, So I’ll just write this useless extra sentence.

  • Think of it this way:

    When people were forced to live or die for their sexual orientation, then they all should have lived because they could obviously choose. WRONG. Many people died for their preferences because that’s how it was. They could not choose if they liked men or women because they wanted to stand up for what they believe in. So they died for their sexual orientation.

  • Chocolate or vanilla coffee or tea..

    Its like choosing what flavor of ice cream you like when youre young, or any other choice of something. If youre exposed to different flavors and you like the one that most people dont. That what its like. Everybody thinks youre weird for liking green tea ice cream. If youre looking at naked women and it does nothing for you and you look at men and you get excited and vice versa then thats how it is. You cant make yourself like chocolate ice cream if you think its nasty, so you eat your green tea ice cream. No mater which gender you associate with or if youre in between. You cant make yourself like men if you like women from the beginning. Being bysexual myself. It just means you can be good with more than one flavor. I think bisexual means youre more into people than gender anywasy for me. I love ppl personalities more than their body or gender. I want them to love me and to have a good time with them and to support each other.

  • Sexuality begins at conception... Including your sexual orientation.

    WHY WOULD ANYONE choose to be not accepted by the cultural norm? I know you can not convince me to change whom I am attracted to, how could they? (unless they were bisexual?) I have seen many people pained from not being able to express their feelings, they want to be happy too. There may be some that choose to act homosexual or are experimenting, and some that want the attention of being different. However they can not be the formula that gives you your only opinions. It is fact that for most it is VERY CLEAR that the same gender is what they are are attracted to.

  • Our Sexual Preferences are Innate

    One only need to look at households from which gay individuals emerge to see that there is no common nurturing element that results in homosexuality. Parents may have 2 straight children and one gay child, all of them grow up in the same environment and still one turns out differently. Clearly, there is an inborn disposition that determines attraction to members of the same or opposite sex.

  • Yes, sexual orientation is something you are born with.

    Yes, people are born gay. Sexual orientation is not something that is a learned behavior or a choice. Most homosexual individuals come from homes with heterosexual parents, so they know that being gay is not the norm. Most gay individuals also state that they've always known they were gay, and it was not something that they learned or decided on later in life.

  • What They Say

    From my understanding and the explanation I've heard from several different homosexual people is that they are born homosexual. I think it is best to get this information directly from them, since they are the people most likely to understand how this process works. It would seem the medical field is a little behind on this one.

  • No, being gay is not a choice.

    The phrase "learned behavior" is a difficult one, because it implies (but does not come out and say) that being gay is a choice. Is being straight a learned behavior? Do we learn from our parents and society that we should be attracted to the opposite sex? If a person was raised in isolation by robots until he age of 20 and then saw a human of the opposite sex, would they be attracted to them? At the moment, there is little evidence that people choose their sexuality. It is an innate part of who they are.

  • Studies weren't consistent.

    The studies done back in the early to mid 1990s to prove that homosexuality was genetic were completely inconsistent. There were however, studies done to willing participants who were gay that showed with treatment over time 2/3 of the willing participants became either completely straight or showed significant signs of less homosexual behavior or interest. The previous studies that "proved" that homosexuality was inborn were later scrutinized by two doctors, one of them being Dr. Byne, who leaned more towards leftist pro gay ideologies, and even he concluded that there were substantial errors and holes in this research.
    Need more unbiased research on this subject. I want all the facts out there for me to determine on my own on what is right or wrong, or what is this way or that way.

  • Mother Nature is constructive, not destructive.

    All our innate tendencies aim at one of two major purposes: the survival of the individual or the survival of the species.
    Eating, breathing, sleeping, keeping safe from predators ensure the survival of the individual.
    Mating, procreating, caring for our offsprings ensure the survival of the species.
    Homosexuality ensures neither the survival of the individual nor the survival of the species. From a strictly biological standpoint, homosexuality is completely worthless. It does not have a positive impact on anything. Therefore Mother Nature could not possibly want it; and, if you must know Mother Nature is only into Biology (life and its transmission). She is not into fantasies or fetichism or any other thing of the sort.
    When I look at all those holes in my skin (pores), I can't help being amazed. They are part of a very elaborated cooling system. When my body overheats, there are glands under my skin that release water when it reaches a specific temperature. How does Mother Nature know at what temperature those glands should be activated? I am still trying to figure it out. When the water exits my body through the pores, it spreads over my skin and evaporates. Mother Nature knows evaporation produces cold.
    Does anyone know what University Mother Nature attended? She must have a PH.D. In all the sciences.
    I am a strong admirer of Mother Nature. I would describe Her as meticulous, thorough, clever, ingenious. She doesn't leave anything out. She knows lubrication is necessary for sex; for that reason she makes the lower end of a female reproductive system, the part designed to perform the extraction of the seed from the male system, self-lubricating (and self-cleaning too). We human beings, because we are creative, have managed to use for sex body parts that were obviously not designed for sex by using artificial products, something the other species cannot do. Mother Nature and a great many human beings do not consider any dry, dirty, unsanitary portion of the digestive tract a sex organ.
    In the light of this analysis, let's enunciate those fundamental rules:
    1) There is no innate tendency to use for sex body parts that were not designed for sex.
    2) Reproduction and Digestion are two completely separate functions of the body. They contains different organs and function in completely different ways. No organ belonging to the Digestive System should be considered a sex organ.
    3) "Mating" with the same gender does not fulfill the purpose of the Reproductive System and therefore is neither recommended nor even suggested by Mother Nature who is rational, logical and consistent.
    4) One cannot have an innate tendency to NOT reproduce. Especially when we consider how meaningful a role reproduction plays in our lives. If it weren't for reproduction, I wouldn't even exist.
    5) The seed produced by the male's reproductive system has a purpose and a destination. Once we identify its purpose, we can determine its destination. Its destination is the place where it can fulfill its purpose.

  • Identical Twins Not All The Same

    There must be some environmental/learned behavior. Otherwise, all identical twins would have the same sexuality. But they don't. Identical twins are always genetically identical but some twins have different sexual preferences. There are scientific studies that prove that homosexuality is not genetic. We have to go with the medical research.

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