• Some People Take Risks Their Whole Lives

    Some risk-takers do so their entire lives. There are multiple reasons, including a need to feel excitement of the unknown. Some people just like taking risks while others prefer the regularity of an inane life. I'm fairly certain someone taking risks or not comes from something inherent in each person instilled at a young age.

  • Yes,a person's tendency to take risks is innate.

    Yes,a person's tendency to take risks is innate.Most people tend to resist change or in other words are adverse to change.Those that like risk have something internal that makes them like risk because the very definition of risk is that a person is not aware of what the consequences will be for their actions.

  • Yes, some people are just born to take risks.

    I definitely think that a person's tendency to take risks is an innate trait. Some people just have the desire to do such things like jumping out of a plane, or bungee-jumping, because they were born with the need to do so. I think others do not necessarily possess the same traits.

  • Not all of it

    Part of a person's tendency to take risk may be innate but not all of it. People are more likely to take risks when they have taken risks in the past and gotten away with it. Getting away with things that a person is not intended to do intensifies the satisfaction from the risk and encourages a person to try other risk taking activities. It is not an innate trait. It is a learned trait.

  • It can be affected.

    No, a person's tendency to take risks is not an innate trait, because it can be affected. A person who is constantly cut down by others as a child will become cautious. So too will a child who has been abused, because their world is a scary place. Risk taking is affected by our circumstances.

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