• it is possible to have a productive debate about religion because if you really believe in your faith and in your religion then, why would you be afraid to have a debate and defend what you really believe .

    Religion is an important aspect of life.It is debatable , questionable and dependent to the bases they have gathered and believed.Religion can be a productive topic for it can be an eye opener for those who are non-believers and confused on what they really believed,it can also enlighten the minds and hearts of people who are acting deaf and blind to where they belong.

  • A productive debate about religion is possible, because of the opinions, truths and falsehoods that exist among all religions.

    Religion is a varied topic, a topic in which everyone has an opinion. There are truths and falsehoods in every religion and, in order to form our own opinions of religion, debate is needed. A debate of religion, in any form, is productive, in that no one has an unlimited knowledge of any one religion.

    Posted by: C0rd3FIames
  • Astounding commonalties among world religions

    The similarities among the world's major religions as examined in, for example, the documentary "the hidden truths of Jesus" remind us that a productive dialogue is possible and should be pursued. The video highlights commonalities between Christian beliefs and Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, and even mithraic (ancient Egyptian mystery cults) traditions. All faiths it seems have an interest in right conduct and ethical behavior. Indeed, comparable aspects of miraculous birth, ethical guidelines, and ritual celebration offer promising starting points for productive debate. The ultimate aim of such discourse should, in my opinion, seek to achieve acceptance and celebration of cultural diversity.

  • Yes yes 100% yes

    It isn't a matter of changing someone's mind (consider this, people who believe something through means that are not learned through logic are generally unable to be persuaded from that belief through logic), it is about questioning religions and making people aware of flaws of religions. No one has yet to create the perfect religion and it will never happen. These debates allow people to find fundamental flaws which might make them reconsider their beliefs.

  • Who's going to convince who?

    As much as I would love a world where we could debate religion freely, it is impossible for three main reasons.
    1. If someone believes something strongly enough to have an involved debate about it, how is anyone going to convince them of anything? If you really truly believe in God, is an atheist going to convince you otherwise? If you staunchly believe there is no God, are a religious person's arguments going to change your mind? No. Both sides will dismiss the other as foolish and ignorant, and nobody will be any better off than they started.
    2. It is impossible to prove or disprove, beyond a doubt, that a religion is or is not correct. No one can absolutely disprove a god or deity does not exist. Likewise, a person cannot definitively prove there is in fact a creator. There is still so much we don't know know, and the universe is so huge, maybe there is a deity floating out there somewhere. Maybe not. We do not know enough to provide undeniable proof of either side's beliefs.
    3. People get offended to easily about the topic. Religion is a very sensitive topic. Questioning or attacking someone's strong beliefs is going to make them mad. An atheist mocking a Christian for being a blind sheep who believes in a magic sky man is going to make that Christian angry. A Christian who tells the atheist they're going to burn in Hell forever unless they change their heathen ways is going to really piss off the atheist. Neither side will ever be able to agree to disagree- they are both going to want to prove the other wrong, and bring them over to their side. That will only happen if that person is already doubtful about their belief, and those are not the kind of people you'd see in a religious debate anyway.

  • Absolutely Utterly Impossible

    Simply impossible. One cannot argue for or against religion without getting into extremely contentious arguments about the existence of God. Who in their right mind could prove or disprove said existence without getting inundated by shedloads of counterarguments, criticisms and/or abuse. It is just not worth the time and/or effort.

  • Most religions have highly exclusive rules that cannot coexist with others.

    Trying to debate about religion more often than not leads to division rather than compromise. The core tenets of most religions disagree with core tenets of other religions, such as the need of Jesus as Savior or the need to follow all of the laws of Moses or the traditions of Mohammad. Asking people of other religions to follow core tenets of other faiths does not work, as it will seem offensive to them.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • I do not believe a productive debate about religion is possible, because religion is based on faith.

    Religion is a very personal facet of an individual's life. In most cases, religion and its faith are to be accepted freely and without question. One may try to convince another of the advantages of believing in their religion, but to debate one against the other is nearly impossible. This is because each side will make their point, devoid of facts. Religion or theological views cannot be proved or disproved, simply because one cannot rely on research to back up the facts. Actions at the hands of believers may be researched, but actual faith and belief occur only in the minds of the believers.

    Posted by: CarIoBIacken
  • Productive debate about religion is impossible because, by its nature, religion is subjective.

    Religion is a subjective topic. What I believe, and why I believe it, may have zero common ground with what you believe and why. Even within branches of the same religion, you have debates, and schisms can be formed on a simple turn of phrase. Everyone sees their religion differently, and that makes productive debate impossible.

    Posted by: HumdrumMilo83
  • No, because religion is not a subject that people are apathetic about.

    You either are, or are not, religious. If you are not, it is likely that you don't have the interest in it to consider a debate. It is also possible that you hold it in such disdain that you cannot have an objective opinion. Those who are believers, fall into so many levels that it would not be possible for them to debate within their ranks. Terrorism, spousal abuse, murder, sexism, and many other undesirable acts in this world are all fueled by a religious belief. Those people lack the ability to disengage from the subject that one needs to achieve a productive debate.

    Posted by: EweIICist

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