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  • It's about context.

    I think it really depends on the meaning behind the joke, who it's told to and how funny it is.
    It doesn't reflect the individuals opinions just their sense of humour.
    There is a difference between telling a dodgy joke to close friends compared to say at the Oscars.
    However it can go too far and the trap is becoming accustomed to speaking this way even when its not funny.
    Edgy humour can bring people together reminding us we're human and to not take ourselves too seriously. As long as there is nothing malicious or inspiring violence/hate.
    I suppose its finding the fine line and not crossing it. Even then though in all honesty I believe the line is made for stepping over.
    All in all I'm torn between not wanting to genuinely hurt anyone and wanting a laugh and being free to be myself.
    Oh sorry about the spelling of humour but I refuse to use the American spelling!
    Nothing against Yanks.

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