Is a revolution in the United States a possibility in the foreseeable future?

Asked by: JaRhasta
  • The Economy is Failing, and so is the President

    I know it seems like it is a big deal that we now have a black president. African Americans have come a long way, but the fact that most of the African Americans who had voted for president voted just because he was black caused a big issue. Nothing has gone right since he has been president, he is not fulfilling the promises he made to us, and he is killing our liberties. Everything is changing, and not for the good. If things keep getting worse with the economy, job availability, immigration, and our rights, I have no doubt there will be a revolution.

  • Revolution in the US Unlikely

    No, revolution in the United States is not a possibility in the foreseeable future. As much as the mainstream media likes to spout how the United States is divided amongst itself, whenever an outside threat comes our way, we unite together and defend each other. Revolution just will not happen.

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