• A-Rod is suspension is out of line relative to the standard guidelines.

    From the evidence that has been revealed through investigations, it seems justified that Alex Rodriguez should be suspended. However, I believe that 211 games (a whole season plus the partial season) was too harsh. A standard punishment for first offense is 50 games. A-Rod received more than four times the standard punishment.
    I think the MLB tried too hard to make an example out of him. I think his conduct has been much worse than a standard first offense, so maybe a second offense penalty (100 games) would have been appropriate. Now if A-Rod happens to win the appeal, the MLB's drug enforcement program will be undermined because it tried to be too ambitious.

  • No, he cheated.

    No, A-Rod's suspension is not too harsh, because he used steroids. A-Rod isn't less guilty than everyone else, simply because he is more accomplished as a baseball player. He should be suspended for longer, because he is so good, his cheating probably upset the true outcome of a lot of games. They need to make an example out of him.

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