• Yes, a Russian bank is controlling Donald Trump.

    Yes, a Russian bank is controlling Donald Trump because he is completely controlled by money. He has assets in several parts of the world and he will stop at nothing to become as rich and powerful as possible. He does not care about the US, he only cares about himself.

  • Desperation is making the media connect these two

    Desperation is making the media connect Trump and Russian forces. This is because the media and the current administration don't want Trump to be the next president. They are trying to make him look like his allegiance isn't to the United States. Even if Trump did have assets in Russia there is no way for them to control him before he even has any governmental power.

  • It's possible but not likely

    I don't think a Russian bank is controlling Drump, but he's certainly got a fair number of economic ties to Russian businesses. If he does become President (please God NO) then there's going to be a conflict of interest at some point between what's good for the country and what's good for his wallet, and that can affect policy decisions, so it's a type of control. I don't think Russia is dictating policy to Trump, at least not yet.

  • No, this is just a claim by Democrats.

    Even though Russia has a soft spot for the Republican candidate compared to the Democrat candidate, it is outrageous to claim that the former is under control of the Russian bank. The lie is being spread by Democrats to paint Trump as somebody who will ''sell'' this nation to the Russians .

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