• It is necessary!!

    Many athletes are amazing but if the have a bad day, they might mess up. The team will blame them for a loss if the have one. The coaches are paying them a lot of money to play but like I stated, if they lose they will get blamed because they are the best.

  • Salary Caps Should Be Imposed

    Many star athletes get stressed because when leagues pay them more money, they're expecting for them to have outstanding performances. Also, ticket prices soar to outrageous prices if the players on the field are getting paid outrageous amount of money. Lastly, teams would feel more like a team if there wasn't a difference in salary so large that the worst player on the team gets 50 times less than the best player on the team.

  • Yes, a salary cap is necessary.

    Many of the teams in professional sporting leagues are going to be a lot better off financially then other teams. This would enable them to spend more money on quality players. However, this would make it unfair to the teams that do not make as much money. This is why a salary cap needs to be in place.

  • yes

    It would, in theory (I think), allow for a more competitive playing field. If all the teams have the same amount of money to spend on players then one team will not be able to afford to field all of the best players in a certain league, they will have to have holes or find players who out preform their contracts which, I believe will allow for a better playing field and therefore better and more competitive games.

  • Absolutely.

    I believe so. Though I agree that better players should recieve more for their talent, I do not think they should earn ridiculous sums of money. While they should be rewarded for playing well, they don't deserve to be paid 300 million dollars for playing what is essentially a child's game.

  • Yes to maintain competitiveness

    In order to maintain the competitiveness of the league, sports leagues should have a salary cap. It isn't fair to some teams who can' afford to keep their best players and go to larger market teams because the small market teams who don't have a lot of money won't have good team year after year and the league will have the same good teams competing for the championship every year and will make the sport repetitive.

  • Yes. At a certain point, it becomes necessary.

    Better athletes should earn more than lesser athletes, but there needs to be some kind of ceiling or else ticket prices will eventually spiral out of control because teams have to pay insane amounts of money to attract and retain top stars. Major athletes make tons of money in their endorsement deals outside of sports anyway, so they do not necessarily need astronomical salaries. Furthermore, a salary cap helps keep smaller and larger market teams more competitive with each other, allowing for a better league and a better fan experience.

  • The Salary Cap is Necessary

    In the world of sports, there are usually three or four large cities, with more income revenue and more popularity. The other teams are all smaller franchises from smaller cities. A salary cap evens the playing field and enables teams with less revenue to make a stand against the more popular teams.

  • Salary Cap

    America is built on a free Market system. Why should we limit that opportunity in the world of sports business. Also, many owners also make the decision not to put money forth for Free Agents, even though they can afford it. Also, there have been many teams win without monetary expenses and those have lost with monetary expenses. Sports Business should not be regulated due to the above mentioned reasons

  • No, a salary cap is not necessary in sports leagues.

    No, I don't believe a salary cap is necessary in sports leagues. Sports leagues usually have the best of the best, elite players that are highly skilled, and if these workers started getting paid less, it would eventually decrease their motivation, and their playing would suffer. When this happens, sports fans may stop watching their favorite sport so often, on account of the players' lack of enthusiastic play.

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