• To a certain extent.

    In certain places such as rural communities a gun safety class could be beneficial. However due to the fact that many people will go without ever even using a gun, this safety course should take backstage to subjects such as math and english. In other areas it may be more beneficial and safe to develop taser safety courses, considering their superior ability to keep you safe.

  • Yes, a school-run gun safety course is a good idea

    Yes, a school-run gun safety course is a great idea because it would teach students essential knowledge that would help them understand and respect guns. I believe information given in a gun safety course could help students to learn about how guns are used and the consequences of misuse. This type of course could lead to lower rates of gun-related violence.

  • Unfortunately, it may be necessarily.

    While there is an argument that children should not be taught how to use firearms and that parents have an essential responsibility to keep guns away from children, sometimes children do get hold of guns. Teaching children that these weapons are not toys and teaching them responsibility may help prevent accidents.

  • Gun Safety Is The Key

    Gun safety should be a major component of education. How many kids die of guns a year? Too many. We need to have education so that kids will know that guns are bad. These kids do not understand life or death. They just want to play with toys. Therefore, gun safety must be a thing.

  • Gun safety in schools would not be a safe course.

    If students were to learn how to properly use guns, and learn the basics of being "safe" with them, more young people would start to use guns. The crime rate would increase, as would the suicide rate. If young adults were taught how to use guns, there chances of wanting to use them would increase. The teenagers who already commit crimes, would now know how to use guns, and that wouldn't be good for anyone.

  • Teachers are generalists, not safety instructors

    I don't remember how old I was, but my school handed out flyers for a gun safety course run by a private instructor who did his job professionally. Totally optional. It took a long time, as it should with several long sessions. We went over all of the important things you should know like "always treat a gun as if it is loaded", never point the gun where you wouldn't want it to shoot, be aware of your surroundings, have a back stop, etc... He also went over how responsible you need to be, and had the kids bring in guns of each action so it could be shown how to operate towards the end of the course. At the end, we could shoot it, and pass a written test to get whatever firearms safety I needed to hunt for my state at young age.

    That's how it should be done, by a professional, and on weekends so your parents can attend. I don't trust teachers to do their own job sometimes, let alone teach my kid how to handle a gun. It should have one dedicated instructor, with parents attending to provide additional insight and supervision.

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