• Yes

    As an avid liberal when it comes to censorship and the like (although it's not the subject matter, per se), it's "good" since it leaves people to do what they want. Once it starts hurting others, it's not good. And no, "the children" is not an excuse. If "the children" decide to take part, then it's their own and their parents' fault. The culture cannot be blamed. A sexual culture can hurt people when the culture starts embracing non-consensual activities, which obviously hurts the non-consenting party. It cannot hurt people when a kid goes to a porn site deliberately and has a nightmare, since, like I said, it's not the culture's fault.

  • Yes - In moderation

    A culture that emphasizes sex in and of itself is not bad. Sex is a natural thing that is enjoyed by species across the globe. It is a good thing to be aware of and to enjoy. But, it becomes a problem when it becomes obsessive and unwelcome. A sexual culture in and of itself is okay. But it is the unhealthy undertones that cause problems such as rape. So, I think that sex in thought word and deed should be held in moderation.

  • YES

    I would say that there have to be some limited because of health and sanitation issues, but I would say that a sexual culture is good for society as a whole. Being open and honest about a natural biological function seems like a good idea to me.

    When you don't talk about things and make it taboo, people are left in ignorance. It also contributes to an unnecessary shame over a natural biological function.

  • Yes Sexual culture is good for society

    We need an open and honest sexual culture. By making sex taboo and something to not be spoken about or discussed we are automatically labeling it as "dirty" and "bad". Sex is healthy, almost everyone enjoys it. By being more open and honest about it we prompt discussion and education. Ignorance is the root of many problems and by educating we can remove some of the stigmas and stereotypes attached to certain actions.

  • Sexual Overemphasis

    A culture that is described as sexual can only be detrimental to the people of the society. Such a culture is driven by selfish desire and create breeds perversion. There is nothing wrong with experiencing the sexual in the proper context, but a "no-holds-bar" sexual culture will bring about the practice of objectifying persons and perverting the natural gift of sexuality, making into something it was not meant to be.

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