Is a single-sex education system better than a co-ed system?

  • Single sex is better

    1. Boys and girls learn differently. Boys need to learn by doing, they must trial and error, experiment and then look for answers. Girls often learn best by verbalising and discussions. In single sex schools each gender can be reached.

    2. Research has shown that boys do far better in literacy when they are not in the same class as girls. Girls verbal abilities are intimidating.

    3. The same has been shown for girls doing better in subjects like maths, science and shop when there are no boys in the classroom.

    4. It is far less distracting.

  • Yes, it can be at certain ages.

    While a single sex school will not give young people the socialization they need, if that is arranged in other ways, it can be a better system. That is true especially in the high school years and particularly for girls, who tend to minimize their intelligence when boys are present.

  • It is just an OPPOSITE GENDER

    The education is to develop our very own skills. Where does gender playing a role here? .
    In a co-ed school they have the oppurtunities to explore more between both the gender. After our schooling there is 0% chance to face only a single sex. Anyway we are gonna face both the sex. At that particular time we should not stammer or look less confident

  • Co-ed is just as good if not better.

    I. Regarding Figures and Research Conducted
    First of all, there is no concrete evidence that single-sex schools give better results. This is largely because the figures that were gathered were generally from private and more prestigious single-sex schools whereas the majority of co-ed schools used were public and the research conducted failed to take into account socio-economic background which is generally debated to be a larger factor than gender.

    II. Regarding Teaching
    Yes, it has been proven that boys are biologically different to girls and whilst we cannot change this, we have to take into account that nature does not define us completely. You can get easily intimidated boys as well as very aggressive females whom will certainly not adapt to the single-sex education system.

    III. Regarding Socialisation
    I cannot stress how important it is that both boys and girls learn how to interact with each other at this age. It's an essential lesson to be able to learn in life and their behaviour will reflect later on. School is much more than an academic environment, it is about preparing you for life and that means more than getting good marks, communication and social skills is a large part of what you learn at school and at this stage, I think Co-ed has a huge advantage over single-sex.

    IV. Regarding Further Education
    Separating boys from girls can lead to girls and boys being far more distracted by the opposite sex later on in life and also generally gives them misconceptions as to what relationships are actually like.

    In honesty though, I think that it's the level of the school that makes the most difference and so in an exceptional school it shouldn't matter whether it's single-sex or mixed but I think that on a number of levels, co-ed is better.

  • No It Is Not

    The education system and schools in particular should help students for the real world. There are next to no places in society where one would be involved in a single-sex occupation. I believe it is best to be educated in a co-ed system to learn the social cues of both sexes.

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