Is a strong dictatorship better than a weak democracy?

  • Dictatorships make it so much easier to get things done!

    Whereas in a democracy you have to go through the people of the country, the senate, labour and liberal with majority wins. And can result in big losses of money like the 22 million dollar one on gay marriage plebiscite. That in a dictatorship, there is no time or money wasted on elections and voting so they have more more money to spend on other things that benefit the country. Democracies in general do waste time and money on elections etc so in turn waste

  • Dictatorship is better

    Most of the person can not have the accurate quality to judge a representative that happens in democracy.. Lots of money are use to organised a election and people may misuse their vote by getting some money.. But a good dictatorship can direct the country when the county need leadership. But in democracy always major party dominated over the minority.....

  • Decision from above

    Imagine a school is on fire, a teacher has a choice, tell the children to leave the burning room in an orderly manner and ensure their safety OR ask the children which is the best possible method of leaving the room, taking a poll, ensuring all ideas are discussed and addressed, in the former situation all children get home to tell their parents about their adventure and if they're lucky get the rest of the week off school, in the latter, none of the children survive nor does the teacher! There are times when democracy doesn't work, there should be a benevolent dictatorship, not one based on one view, (North Korea, Nazi Germany etc.) but a situation where the citizens are allowed to voice their opinions through referendums and the party implement them, so they do surveys and collate the results, 90% of people say bring back capital punishment, so they bring it back, this way, at least 90% of the people are happy with a policy the party brings in, of course the 10% won't be but they will have the chance to change peoples opinions but next time if it's still 90-10% then the policy stays.

  • The word is wrong

    The question should be if so a strong monarchy was better than a corrupted democracy. Google the terms dictatorship and monarchy. However as most think that dictatorships are also related to the folk I can only see that a good leadership doesnt necessarily mean to restrict peoples freedom in all the ways. Its just the end of sensless discussions. The best examples for a good dictatorship can be found in the ancient Rome and yes Dictatorship lasted longer than our todays democracies so none should think that democracy is the best. Its just what people currently are thinking.

  • Fascism- single party for national development

    "Everything within the state, nothing without the state", or " ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". With a single party, with a single leader who is totally devoted to the greater national interest, then we will see progress. I think America needs authentic fascism.

  • Yes, a weak democracy will end up being a dictatorship anyway

    Take the recent 2012 Egyptian elections for example. It was an almost 50/50 split between voters and then afterwards, they started fighting each other because one half of the people were not happy. Then the military stepped in and convicted all the people they didn't like, pretty much making it a dictatorship again.

  • A Strong Dictatorship, and Lesser Democracies

    A strong dictatorship would meant that the dictator itself is a capable, proficient, loyal, intelligent, benevolent and has that soul and vehemence as a leader. In this kind of nation, even though political freedoms are completely oppressed, the economics and the personal life remains relatively unrestricted, thus allowing national-wide economical growth. A dictatorship instigates more stability, more development, and thus, a stronger nation. For me, Dictatorship is very risky as it depends only on a single mind, more like putting all of your eggs in a single basket. Democracy on the other hand, is not as risky because it depends on the people, as if you put your eggs in many different baskets. However if that dictatorship is led by a great leader--a good dictatorship--, the bet will pay off, and that nation will surely grow rapidly and thrive under that kind of leadership. It will, for the period of that leader's regime at least, be a good and solid dictatorship, which outperforms lesser democracies.

  • Strong dictatorship is better

    If dictator is not morally corrupt, loyal to country and believed in freedom of speech, then weak democracy is no match for it. I witnessed Musharraf regime in Pakistan from 1999 till 2005, he made some sectors very strong and independent like Education, Trade, Media, Defense and Telecom etc. Normal salary was increased, education expenses were reduced, country debt was reduced, in transparency index clearly showed corruption was reduced...And many more. All these reforms were never achieved during democracy regimes.
    However I believe, strong or medium democracy is always better than any type of dictatorship.

  • Yes this is true that dictator is needed in India which has poverty

    India is a vast country where in each and every people know that some people does not have the rights to get educated. In India poverty, child abuse, child labor, no rights for education and much more this is all nuisance is because of only and only the democracy. Not all dictators are bad in the sense today's people have made up their minds because of Adolf Hitler that he was a dictator and was very cruel and rude. Its not true okay 1 example i will say you is that if you democracy people had done something very bad like Adolf Hitler so today you people would been thrown out from this country who so ever say about me i don't care because I WOULD SUPPORT ONLY DICTATORS!!!!! Come on dictators develop the country and they think good of the country!!!!Sooooo... Whats your opinion on this!!!!

  • Dictatorship Is Always Best When The Person Isn't Out To Destroy The Country.

    Although dictatorships are far more abused than democracy, It's no doubt a better option. Dictatorships can do a whole lot of good, the only reason people see dictatorships as bad is that people in history have abused the power. If a good guy went into power as a dictator the world would have a lot more progress done now. :D

  • There will be equality even in weak democracy. People will be happy

    Even in strong dictator ship no one will be happy.Every person will have to kneel over the king. He will never have to be afraid of being removed
    .In the democracy the king will have to be removed if he does not listen to people. He has something to be afraid of. He will never get the whole authority in any case

  • Tax in weak democracy and defination.

    I would like to say that tax in democratic government is used to provide needs in the state but a dictatorship government, the tax paid is for the king or queen. They use to eat it not for people. Democratic government is for the people by the people and of the people. I believe the head's in democratic government are said to be the most helpful people and support each other. In dictatorship, the people feel they are slaves they are under one strict individual rule. Question for the proposers. How do you know when a person inherites the position of kingship, is a good or bad afterall if he or she is bad eventually they will ruin the government also mislead it. Come and support us in democratic system rule. Thank you.

  • A weak democracy will at last become a strong one as leaders change after a period of time...............

    A weak democracy will at last become a strong one as leaders change after a period of time............
    Democracy is never perfect, we have to consult a lot more people before passing a law, but, what if the policy is actually not favored by many ???
    And we'll have the basic rights also.....

  • A weak democracy will at last become a strong one as leaders change after a period of time...............

    A weak democracy will at last become a strong one as leaders change after a period of time............
    Democracy is never perfect, we have to consult a lot more people before passing a law, but, what if the policy is actually not favored by many ???
    And we'll have the basic rights also.....

  • Democracy is the Way to go!

    In democracy, people elect their leaders. Even in a weak democracy, leaders will fear of the elections and they will try to make the country a better place, so they can get elected again. As you can see, even in a weak democracy, there will be lots of development! In a dictatorship, the ruler will not change until he/she dies. He/she does not have to listen to the people and help in the development of the country! They can do whatever they want. Just look at modern examples of North Korea and other countries.

  • Hello How are you guys lol :)

    All in all, it is evident that dictatorship is not necessarily evil, corrupt, tyranny, reign of terror. Weak democracy on the other hand can be ineffective and ineffcient in the face of crisis.
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    Yes, a strong dictatorship is better. Dictatorship does not necessarily result in development, defined by human well-being(which incorporates education, health, income, and safety from internal and external threats)and even by personal discipline. Furthermore, there is no conclusive evidence proving that either dictatorship nor democracy cause development. Nonetheless, we will prove dictatorships incorporate more control over the variables that define development so in consequence are a better course to get to it. Also, that dictatorships guarantee the Social Order, which is a very necessary prerequisite for any kind of economic accumulation process to be feasible. A form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique, dictatorships are subject to retaliatory actions. We propose this should end.
    Democratic nations should not take retaliatory actions against dictatorial governments in order to diminish their legitimacy, their power, and to promote their overthrown in exchange for a democratic alternative. This actions account for the diminishing of economic & diplomatic relations with Burma and Iran and the cut of economic aid to Honduras’ “de facto” Government.
    We will prove that these sort of actions can only undermine the possibility of development finally kicking in this countries, since dictatorship is the

  • Democracy is always better.

    If you want to get a lot done in a quick amount of time, then a dictatorship is the way to go. However, a democracy is always better if you want to rule the people. You need to make sure that you have the consensus of the people and that the government is by the people and for the people.

  • Democracy is better

    Democracy is better because in it people have the full right to choose and I believe that to preserve human dignity we should have the ability to make the choice about our lives but in dictatorship we lose our freedom and our right to choose is over ruled. I think democracy is the best!!!

  • No, a weak democracy is better.

    With dictatorships, comes loss of freedom. If you open a thesaurus, and look up the word dictatorship, these are some of the words that you find; tyranny, oppression, even reign of terror. If you then look up the word democracy, would find the words; equality, freedom and justice. So as you can see, a dictatorship is associated with all of these negative words, so in a strong dictatorship, these words would be enforced even more. A democracy is associated with positive words. Even a weak democracy still has all of these positive words.
    Living in fear, with no freedom of any kind, or living with absolute freedom. Freedom of speech, the freedom to express yourself, the freedom to choose our leader. Which would you prefer? The answer is obvious isn’t it? Undoubtedly, freedom is better than absolute control.

  • Good Morning. This house believes that a strong dictatorship is not better than a weak democracy.

    Dictatorship is a form of government in which there is a centralization of power while democracy offers freedom to the people for self-expression and liberty.The absolute power of a dictatorship, as history has shown us, will result in eventual abuse and socioeconomic failure like our very own Greeks and the Romans in the past. A dictatorship will only last as long as its dictator is alive. Einstein, the famous scientist, one said, "Dictators of genius are succeeded by scoundrels." Countries like China ruled by Hu Jintao and Saudi Arabia ruled by king Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz are considered to be one of the most evil dictators alive. A democracy will last longer, because its structure will allow it to replace retired or dead members, and if its people continue to support it. As seen in the statistics: 33% of the people say “yes” when it comes whether a strong dictatorship is better than a week democracy while 67% of them people say “no”. As you all have heard of the famous Shakespeare play, “Julius Caesar”, I don’t think I need to go into details. Brutus, Caesar’s beloved friend killed Caesar because he assumed dictatorship. We see how determined dictatorship is to the population. It even convinced Brutus to kill his beloved friend, Caesar, the dictator.

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Democracy is a form of government where heads are counted and not weighed.