• Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people

    Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people thx

  • Yes sugar tax

    Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people Yes sugar tax obesity is killing people thx

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    I personally think it’s a good way of controlling the amount of sugar when the price is cheaper people will buy more sugar products however when the price has increased so as many people are living in poverty so this will force people to stop drinking drinks with sugar in and providing
    A non-sugar alternative
    Develop a strategy of what you think Suntory should do to overcome the tax levy or the drop in sales. (4)

    Develop a strategy to reduce sugar consumption in the UK (5)

  • Sugar is children's alcohol

    There is evidence to suggest that sugar is as bad for children to have in excess as it is to adults drinking an excess amount of alcohol. The daily intake for ADULTS is 6 teaspoons, and I can guarantee you that most children have FAR more sugar than the ADULT daily allowance.

  • Yes, we should!

    Yes, sugar tax is agreat idea and should definetly be introduced to australia! As we are the 5th most obese country! I mean, seriously, come on Australia, we can do better than that! Sugar is tasty, yes, but it is also deadly! It has caused deaths for people! P.S. Sorry if i spelt obese wrong

  • Yes I think is a good idea

    I think sugar tax are good ideas because , being obese can make you have so many heath problems like heart disease or cancer and what people that are obese aren't seeing its not just hurting them it's hurting the people around you . But they don't see it and some fast food is not what should be in your every day didneer plat or lunch so yes we should have sugar taxs!!!!!!!

  • All for it

    In my opinion the Sugar Tax being introduced in April is both a positive and a negative thing. Some of the positive effects of such a tax could be that by reducing the amount of sugar in people’s diet negative impacts impacts on health will be reduced. This ranges from child obesity to dental hygiene. If the number of people using the NHS for problems related to poor diet is decreased then the staff would be under less pressure on staff.

  • Why are people so determined to be unhealthy?

    People think that they need sugar and that without it they can't enjoy a party or a night out with their friends. This is ridiculous i've been without sugar for 6 months now and am feeling the best I have ever felt. I lost weight without even trying, people need to stop relying on sugar so much.

  • Job losses for big companies

    It will cause more job loss as sugary food and drink companies might not survive through more cost and less demand in their products so big companies like coca cola might shut down and cause about one million job losses across the world so then sugar will soon be replaced with other addictive products

  • Health Benefits of a Sugar Tax

    The most recent data (2005–2006) show that children and adults in the United States consume about 172 and 175 kilocalories daily. There are many children who don’t see the dangers and health issues in sugary drinks, lollies and various sugary products, their obesity gets worse and it’s not too long when the doctor says that they have a type of diabetes or health condition. According to Professor Colagiuri, a leading expert in diabetes screening and prevention, a sugar tax is just one way that we could tackle the problem of Diabetes. Diabetes is only one health issue that is caused due to sugar but insulin resistance is also another health issue. If there were sugar taxes there would be cheaper and healthier options for people to choose from. Sugar tax would benefit many people from different ages, different countries and different genders.

  • Sugar is good sugar is life.

    Sugar is important to the diet of kids. It has been scientifically proven that children need to consume sugar or they will die of sugar deprivation. It is also written in the bible that God commands you to eat sugar in the third of Ten Commandments and if you don't the devil shall claim your soul

  • Sumo wrestlers for the olympics?

    When we go to the olympics in Rio 2016, we are going to get absouletly wrecked in the SUMO WRESTLING there. We need fat people (like myself) to sugar so we aint gonna be rubbish at the olympics. Imagine... We are going to be the laughing stock of Rio 2016. Not nice is it. Keep sugar and we'll be better at the olympics. Another point, the more fat people there are in britain, im gonna look better at football and my friend ryan is a skinny idiot anyway, but he is worse at sport than me, so imagine what it would be like when hes fat. It would be COMICAL! YOU MUST READ THIS I SPENT A WHOLE 10 MINUTES ABOUT A VALID POINT IN SCHOOL!

  • Worst idea i've ever heard

    Its up to you if want to be fat or thin. By the way in some countries like mauritania a woman needs to be fat and they want to keep and preserve their heritage passed on by their ancestors. How can we live with this non sense in the world
    we have rights and we can fight for our rights

  • Sugar tax sounds like a horrible thing to hear.

    I am against the idea of sugar tax. We've been paying taxes to the government almost every thing that we get. You cannot purchase something without added tax. What's more disgusting is the fact that even though we are paying proper taxes, the government is not progressing as much as it should be. Why? Simply because they are doing something with our money. And as a tax collector, as much as I know, their primary duty is to spend the money for the betterment of the welfare. That is, revenue (taxes collected) should be equal to the government expenditure. Deficit happens because of their ability to corrupt the money of the people and spend it to baloney stuffs. So obnoxious. With that, I am against the sugar tax.

  • No, I think people will resent an added tax.

    No, I don't think a sugar tax is a good idea. I think people will resent both the added tax and the fact that the government is using the tax to control what people eat. The tax will have a ripple effect that no one is considering. By increasing the cost of certain foods, there's a good chance people will either curb or completely stop buying a lot of these foods. This will ultimately impact jobs and the economy.

  • It has ruined Coca Cola.

    No, a sugar tax is not a good idea, because there is no reason that we should all be eating corn syrup instead. Sugar is more natural, and yet we all eat something that is not as healthy, because of sugar lobbies and farmers that are considered sacrosanct. Corn syrup in Coca Cola is not as good as real sugar.

  • Say NO!! PLEASE SAY NO!!!!!!!

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!!!

  • Kid like SUGAR and some SUGAR is good for you

    What if you go to party an you need get a drink or some thing that has sugar and you don´t have a lot of money so you would go empty handed with nothing and also kids like it and they would want SUGAR!!!
    And they don´t have a lot moey

  • "bantair" - willie rennie

    "this is banterous" said my friend Willie Rennie. "It took me a nanosecond to decide that this is a bad idea". Then he went doonstairs to speak to his pal Tim farron and he said "traditional liberal values". This is compelling argument that it shouldn't be did or whatever. Dead Metal Is A Great Club Manager Simulator 16. Heafty Snaw Faw Hen.

  • Bantair willie rennie

    This is banterous it took my friend willie rennie a nanosecond to decide that it is " sacrosanct" whatever that means and "Incompatiple with traditional libneral vyoos" like yeah. Dead metal is a great club manager simulator 16. Heafty Snaw Faw Hen. LOl did you know that when you are me the I is possible.

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