Is a teenager's right to privacy more important than a parent's need to know?

  • Teens need privacycle

    A parent snooping through his or her teens texts are gonna be able to look at the texts and say"you can't hang out with this person" if the other person uses language the parent doesn't like. Teens need privacycle so they can establish their own identity,not what thier parents want theme to be.

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  • Yes teens need their privacy

    I'm a teen and I think that my parents not being behind my back all the time allowed me to grow. If your parents are not giving you privacy, how would you learn to deal with directions by yourself? As a teenager, you should be learning to be an independent human being. Learning to do things by yourself and learning how to handle any bad situations. Yes, parents need to know what's going on, but not every single thing. A teenager should be allowed privacy. Yes, some may say that if you don't see what they're doing on social media sites they going to post all the negative things and talking to the wrong people. Or if you dont know what's going on in their lives, they might be selling drugs and what's not. If a teenager does not know right from wrong, or what they should be doing and should not then they should not be on any social media sites or allowed to go out with friends. Yes, I get my privacy but if I need help with a situation, I would confront my mother about it. My mother knows the person I am, and knows what I am capable of doing. I conclude by saying teenagers do need privacy, but parents should know that they can trust their child enough to know that they will not be disappointed by their child's behaviour.

  • Yes. Safety is understandable.

    Parents want their kids to be safe but, if they want privacy and it isn't something that could be harmful. Teens need to learn from their mistakes. If they don't learn they will never learn right from wrong. For parents it can be hard to give teens privacy for legal reasons.

  • Teens need privacy

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  • Yes, it its

    I dont know legal things, but I believe that a teen has the right to keep their privacy unviolated. It would be unethical and immoral to have a parent snooping around.

    Safety may be an issue, but if a child has half the brain, they should know whatever online should stay online. Any child should have conscious of what they are doing

  • Teens need privacy

    Teens need privacy because parents do not need to know everything their kids do, they do not need to go through their kids phone and see what they are doing, if they do not want their kids to hide things they should not let them go out or get them a phone!!!

  • It is indeed!

    Adolescence is a time of rapid change, not just for the young person but for the parents too. It might be hard to let go sometimes, but parents need to recognize that:
    A child’s job is to grow up and become an independent adult. As a parent, you need to help young people through this process.
    When children reach their teenage years, they start to make their own decisions. Sometimes they make the wrong ones.
    They will (hopefully!) learn valuable lessons from their mistakes.
    Give them privacy – teenagers need their own space. For example, knock before you go into their room.
    Conflict is inevitable when people with different views live together so the occasional clash with your teenager is normal and to be expected. However, ongoing conflict can undermine the relationship between a parent and a young person.
    Giving a child privacy as to what goes on in their room or what’s in their drawers is a privilege you give them because they are trustworthy and honest. In my opinion, it’s not a right


    Some teens need space if their own, and parents need to understand that they don't need to know EVERY Thing. Parents also need to understand that just like they have privacy of their own so should teens be able to have privacy of their own (in some things). When parents force kids to tell them their secrets, or ect. They are pushing their own kids away. Trust me if it's something that they can't handle on their own they'll soon realize that they need a parent or guardian to help them through the situation. PARENTS understand that teens without their privacy is going to make them either hate you, push you away, or ect. I know you don't wanna hear this but it's the TRUTH.

  • YES! Teens need their privacy.

    Teens need their privacy. If parents invade their privacy with the need to know it will disrupt the bond of trust they have with their child. Parents should ask first before invading teens privacy. Trust is more important than any of it and if we don't have trust we don't have nothing

  • It's a balancing act but I would say yes

    1. The first reason is that we should consider first and foremost the results this will have for the rest of society. If we ignore the right to privacy completely teenagers will become adults who have no expectation of privacy and then that will lead to the government and companies taking advantage of this attitude.

    2. I remember being a teenager. You feel somewhat powerless. And you are dealing with issues of identity. You need some space to resolve these issues.

    3. Parents still need to make sure their kids are safe to an extent. So it is a balancing act.

  • No, a teen has no privacy from a parent.

    No, a teenager's right to privacy is not more important than a parent's need to know, because parents are still responsible for their children. With parents responsible for what their children do, the parents need to be able to monitor their children. Society cannot complain that parents do not help their children enough while simultaneously complaining that they are too intrusive in their children's lives.

  • A parents right to know is much more important than a teens right to privacy.

    Teens who think they deserve their privacy and parents should mind their own business are being foolish in thinking that they have a right to get what they want. Parents are the ones who have raised you and they are always trying to look out for you. There is no need to hide anything from them because they are the ones making sure that everything works out for you and that you grow up to be a decent human being.

  • No it's not

    Teens now a days can check anything and do anything in world wide inter-web and it can cause trouble or get them in trouble. Teens could be cyber bullying, hacking through peoples profiles, watching adult content, and so much more that is very bad. Teens need to be inspected and spied on if they want to be alone with a device with the inter web.

  • Parental Responsibility = I Care About my Teen = I Need to Know What's Going On

    I've watched my teen's heart change from honest and trustworthy to one full of secretive deceit all because of the belief that 24/7 social media access is a "right. Privileges were lost by not responsibility using social media within, what started as fairly generous, guidelines. He told me "I had no right" to put ANY limits on his use, and since I would not follow that, he would just work around me anyway he could until "I came to my senses."

  • Why would they?

    I'm 16 years old, and I'm in criminal justice college classes and from what I've learned and seen from living, is everyone makes mistakes. My best friend committed suicide and her parents gave her all the privacy she wanted, and so they didn't she had searched online "how to kill herself" or that people were picking on her. So I say you are 18 you can't hold a job, you can't take care of yourself why do you get privacy.

  • No, are you kidding!

    I am A teen and I am willing to admit that as a teen we always feel that we don´t want mom & dad following us saying ¨you should not do this or that. You should do as we say, blah, blah, blah but what we don´t realize is that their constant nagging is just them saying be careful. I just want you to be safe. At my school I know of at least 3-4 kids who are on drugs and whenever their parents try asking them about it they flip out about needing privacy and shut them out of their lives. All parents want is to make sure we are not doing things to ruin their future!

  • At The Same Time, Yes and No

    Teens can be hiding stuff important or dangerous from their parents. If they keep it away from them, who's gonna help them? Teens need to learn to get help when they need it. Especially when it can be dangerous parents need to know. But teens also need their space but in the end, they should be telling their parents

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