Is a throw-away society good for the costs to society and the environment?

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  • Our society has to continue advancing, black markets, and things are still being made

    We model this resolution as follows: the scope would be for the people using the devices and the companies. Our goal is to have further development in society and make sure there’s less pollution, and no chaos. We have three constructive arguments to show why this resolution is true and should pass.
    My first point is that new devices and uses of technology are still growing.
    Why does this matter? On the textbook, it said that new mobile phones appear on the market every few months. If people don’t throw away their old technologies and buy the new ones, we would have to throw the new ones out, making them obsolete. Then, more pollution would be formed because more and more devices are being thrown, leading to landfills and that would give other resources needed to be thrown away, no space. This would also be bad for society because making this device example an apple product needs time, money, and a lot of work. Where would we find the money to pay the employees if the things in the market are not sold? The opposition may say that oh my gosh…the environmental, too much pollution, well we answered to that.
    This whole debate is about cause and effect. Secondly, for companies, there would be a huge black market if this wasn’t to pass. As you may know, the technology department makes a lot of money and needs a lot of workers. With all these technology departments shortened, people wouldn't’t have a job. This is hard to deal with, especially now that we are in the advancement stage. People may argue, oh we could find new jobs, but that is not correct. Technology is the essential to our life like driving to school, typing up this debate, and calling someone for a medical emergency. Without this department, this could be the downfall to society.
    Thirdly, we have to allow for advancement. There will also be more needs as generations pass and we will be wanting better and more beneficial ways to live with these technologies. By throwing out old things, new things replace them, working even better. Closing a door means opening a new one and that is how we got here today. If we stuck around with phonographs and typewriters, and those fusty aka old fashioned phones, we wouldn’t be here today. We are here today because we took risks, even when it may open new doors and be a bit detrimental to the environment. The invention of everything was a bit deleterious to the environment example the light bulb (using resources and failing many times) and who knows what else? The car, the phone, trains, everything… Everything had to go through a process of blunders to actually be successful. For instance,in olden times, the refrigerator was one of the major cause of the emission of chloro fluro carbon,was said to be the cause of ozone rupture. Nowadays advanced refrigerators have been invented without causing any damage to nature.

  • Why is this even a question? Maybe we shouldn't sacrifice the entire world upon the alter of economic convince.

    We want to advance as a society I get it. And I'd support the technology that comes out of society if it the development weren't rigged to this artificial pace. Ok, what do I mean by this?

    Technology companies and the government have access to devices that are at least 5 years ahead of what the regular consumer has. Then they keep that gap by slowly releasing and rereleasing this "new" technology to milk the consumer.

    For example, the iPhone was released 10 times. The first iPhone was released in 2007 and now it's 2014. That's more than 1 new version every year. How much more valuable is the iPhone 6 Plus than the first iPhone? If you were calling 911 either phone would be good enough for you.

    There is no real improvement unless you somehow desperately need 128GB of storage space on your phone to survive. If that's the case, you should really reevaluate your life. And that's just 1 example I could go on about almost every major technology company like this.

    I understand that people need jobs, but if you need to fool someone or build hype to sell a product then maybe that said product shouldn't be made. Maybe that person's time would be better spent doing almost anything else.

  • Pollution, Plastic Oceans, and Huge Landfills

    We need to be more conservative. Right now we national parks, two polar ice caps, and clean rivers and mountains and such. To keep it this way we have to be more conservative. We buy things at the store and then immediately throw it away. We waste things that we could be saving and using in the future.

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