• Yes it is great

    The titanic is going to let people know more about history we would be happy to go on a boat that beautiful. Nobody would be afraid to go on it. The first titanic taught us to make better boats so the titanic two would be a great idea think about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It's better than the movie

    This it a great idea then that dumb movie, because it's reality that is safer with things like reader and most importantly lifeboats for everyone onboard so it's a great idea but sadly it might have sunk already because Blue Star Line has abandoned it due to the builders not wanting to build it

  • A magnificent ship

    Titanic II is a chance to relive the memory of Titanic and a chance to remember the 20th century and such a great ship. I feel as if Titanic II will definitely be a success and I am glad that it is suppose to look like Titanic II.

    Looking forward to launch in 2016

  • Will be good to see

    I think seeing a Titanic 2 sailing the seas is great because it can have the career it should have had
    the new design of the ship is great and the added safety deck is cool to. Some people say this should never happen that is up to them but if this happens i best they will still go on her i coz i will

  • Historical preservation for a modern generation.

    To support the memories of cruise liners of the gilded age. Despite what happened to Titanic, her sister enjoyed a long career. A ship like this would bring about an option for those passengers wishing for this type of experience, coupled with modern safety features. She would be an ocean liner, not a cruise ship. It is an entirely different experience.

  • Yes, Titanic II is a great idea!

    The simple fact that Clive Palmer is taking up the challenge once again to rebuild the RMS Titanic is a sign to the world that we have not forgotten what has happened to the first ship. The designers and builder are well aware of the flaws the original ship had in her design, and with modern regulations in place, will not be repeated in the design of Titanic II. Although the design of the new Titanic II ship will in many ways differ in some aspects from the original, the main goal in my view is that they keep the 1912 character alive in this century. I think that everyone, no matter if they approve of the project or not, yearn to see, touch, and feel what luxury the Titanic offered in that era. I would have loved to have been alive during that time to see the original ship. I think that Titanic II will be the closest we will have in terms of authenticity, and people should respect the designers for that (they simply can't design a 100% authentic replica within today's heavily regulated shipping industry). If the project pulls through as planned, many people will love it and many people will hate it, but it doesn't change the fact that Titanic II was built. Of course some people will say its all in bad taste or that Palmer is doing this because he wants to get richer, but the fact that people of our generation will most likely be able to see this happen, is just another point that history doesn't always repeat itself, and those that believe in superstition are mostly too afraid to look at the real facts behind this project.

  • Yes, it would be interesting.

    A second Titanic would be a great idea, especially if they do make it like a strong replica. People are usually fascinated at seeing the way people in different eras lived at both the wealthy and extremely poor ends and Titanic has both of those extremes. I don't believe that they should refrain from using the name out of any sense of a bad omen attached to it.

  • You mean another ship?

    Definitely yes. In spite of being sinkable, the original Titanic was the epitome of luxury. It was a beautiful ship. If another were built, it would instantly become the most popular cruise ship on the planet. Rich people would want to cruise on it just for the novelty of it. The demand would be so high that people would pay out the wazoo for it. Whoever builds the Titanic II will make a butt ton of money.

  • Titanic II is a good idea because the first Titanic was a truly grand ship.

    I believe that a Titanic II is a very good idea. This is because the original Titanic is probably one of the biggest failures known to mankind. Many people don't understand how great the Titanic was because they know it sank, and that makes it a failure to them. However the Titanic was a truly grand ship, and it deserves some redemption, so I believe that a Titanic II is a very good idea.

  • No It Is Not

    Why make this movie? Nobody is asking to see a Titanic sequel. I do not even know how you have a sequel to a movie like Titanic. The ship sank and one of the main characters died. It is just not one of those movies that need a sequel to it.

  • Let the past stay in the past.

    On paper, this seems like a very good idea, but we should be letting the past stay in the past. It would be a good money generator and good idea to "relive the past!" but in today's day and age it is simply impossible to get to that. We rely too much on modern technology that we physically cannot step back because no one would be able to handle how things were in the past. So we really aren't stepping back into the 20th Century. With the addition of WiFi, the casino, theatre, and more shops. It is first hand evidence that this will become too commercialized. I do concede to the addition of the new lifeboats and the extra deck so they don't ruin the original parts of the ship, but is making compromises worth trying to make it popular so people will want to stay onboard? My personal opinion is that if this were to happen, it should be like the Queen Mary. Docked and open for touring and the chance to stay onboard, but EVERYTHING is as original as it can be. That way historians and the public can get what they want.

  • No, it isn't a good idea.

    I agree, it would be nice to have the ship, but it shouldn't sail. If any of you have heard of the Queen Mary, it is a ship and the real one is docked for people to tour and see. Instead of the Titanic sailing, they should do the same thing. It would probably bring more people aboard, as most might be scared if it were sailing. They would also gain the same amount of money, and more as it will most likely become an attraction for people all around the world, like the Queen Mary has.

  • No it is not.

    I don't think the Titanic II would be a good idea at all. So many people died on that boat and to make a replica to sail again would only bring back bad memories. I also think many people would be afraid to sail on a boat named after the Titanic.

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Lesnar664 says2013-03-07T05:32:57.137
I think given the history it will be tough to earn respect