Is a traditional education better than an online education?

  • Yes school is best!

    The reason in classroom is the best reason is because as younger students need the environment. All students say they hate the environment when they are in it. It helps students come to a understanding of what the outside world is really like. Online people can tell you how it is. But online people can be whatever and whoever they want. So Traditional education is better then online education.

  • Yes, classroom is best.

    When you get an online education, you are getting the facts and of course there is still usually some contact with the professor and even with other students. However, nothing replaces the interaction in the class room with professors and students that you get in a traditional education since one's ideas can be expressed and tested.

  • Yes, Face to Face Educations Beats Out On Line Education

    A traditional education is much better than an on line education because it involves the face to face interaction which is necessary for meaningful discussion and execution of the Socratic method. It is much easier to get questions answered and to listen to a discussion if people are together in a room.

  • Sit in the chair.

    Yes, a traditional education is better than an online education, because a traditional education is more like the real world. With a traditional education, a person learns to be on time for class, look good, and to sit there with other students. It is more and better preparation for what is ahead.

  • There is know doubt that traditional education is better.

    Traditional education helps children interact with others, as it is a must In today's world to be social. Another reason why is that it is harder for children to learn when there is not a teacher to go to for help. With online education you can't have a hands on learning experience, which is key for many when learning. Furthermore, I believe traditional education is imperative.

  • Traditional Learning is Better than Online Learning

    Traditional learning is better than online learning because the internet is a distracting place and you can't trust students to stay on task,especially younger ones. Also, traditional learning provides more hands on, less time staring at computer screens. Getting students all logged on to the same online learning website is hard and takes up a lot of time.

  • Just Different Methods

    I have taken both traditional classes and online classes in college and I can say they are about the same. If anything, online courses are more difficult because you are essentially learning on your own. Yes, you can contact the instructor for more examples or a different explanation, but that is not the norm. I do not think one is better than the other, they're simply different methods that work equally.

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