• His campaign and his followers are terrifying.

    He's using the fact that he's not politically correct to say whatever he wants... His followers LOVE him because he "says it like it is". Really? He creates storylines to support his bigoted agenda. One outrageous example would be the "thousands" of muslims he saw celebrating on 9/11. He made that up, but that doesn't faze his supporters. They will keep his lies alive. It's disgusting. He is a bully. He's a complete child when he thinks he's being treated unfairly. His entire campaign and what he stands for treats refugees, immigrants and minorities unfairly. His campaign is doing a lot of damage already within America and with our relations with foreign countries. His presidency is absolutely terrifying.

  • Simply, he's a child.

    Donald Trump is too thin skinned to be the president of the United States. He recently attacked Ted Cruz for almost no reason other than that Cruz stated that he didn't "think anyone else was qualified to have a finger on the red button." In addition to this, Trump fully believes that the best way to solve our security problem is to track all Muslims, a la the Holocaust, place heavy surveillance on mosques, and to prevent Muslims from entering the country.

  • Yes, the Trump presidency is terrifying.

    Yes, the Trump presidency is terrifying. Trump's lack of apparent feeling for any demographic outside of his own is destructive and divisive to the country. People are using him as an excuse for their prejudices. This man who vilifies certain people within this country could become the next leader of this country which was founded as a safe harbor for those facing persecution. Hate speech promotes violence as an acceptable outlet, and Trump as president could find the power to truly persecute the people he despises as Hitler found in Germany.

  • More so than anything!

    Trump as president would be the most terrifying notion our nation could face. He has spoken his mind many times, to the dismay of many people. He continues to offend people with his prejudice and bigotry, and will stop at nothing to amuse his supporters. Other countries have already denounced him, saying that he is not welcome there. He is a threat to our nation and our security!

  • Politics, Trump, Elections

    Donald Trump is no more terrifying than the current administration. There's no question that he has the business skills to better handle the countries financial issues, but he also has America's best interest at heart. The current POTUS has very little financial experience, so I really don't get the baseless arguments over that. There are many who see him as not having the image of a typical politician, but maybe it's time for some real change. Maybe a presidential win by by Mr. Trump will bring a change in politics that really represents what, "we the people," want and need in a leader. Trump tells it like it is, and judging from all of the current polls, the majority of people agree with him. GO TRUMP.

  • At this point I would.

    While Cruz may be my number one pick, I will take Donald Trump any day. He may be a bigshot, but he's smarter than he looks. I mean he may say ridiculous things, but that's what I love about him! He isn't scared to speak out unlike the way the republican establishment does! He will work as the president. Besides, I'd take him over the democrat canidates at this point since none of them will succeed as president!

  • Potential Trump presidency no big deal.

    The office of the President of the United States of America does not offer the level of power or control that the average person envisions. There is a number of other sources of power and influence that can apply much more pressure with their authority than anyone in the white house.

  • Yes, I find the prospect of a Trump presidency terrifying.

    Yes, I believe a Trump presidency would be terrifying. He is running on a platform that is bringing out the worst in this country: xenophobia and hatred. His incendiary remarks about banning Muslims from entering the United States and about Hispanics being rapists and murderers should immediately disqualify him from the candidacy.

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