Is a two-child rule a smart option for population control in the United States?

  • Don't have more than two kids.

    A two-child rule is a smart option for population control in the United States. This would help immensely with the cost of welfare programs such as Medicaid and food stamps. It would also help school crowding and taxation issues for people in overcrowded or under-funded cities. Controlling the birth rate will help so many issues in the US.

  • Overpopulation is a serious issue.

    The population is rapidly increasing. This leads to poverty, hunger, and disease. This also leads to a lack of resources. Humans should strive to maintain a balance with the environment. By creating a two-child rule in America, we slow down the rate of overpopulation. This will go a long way to stemming some of the negative effects of the overpopulation of Earth.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I do think that we would get a lot of good out of having a two child rule here in the US, since the population is going to keep rising until it is to big for us to handle, so we need to cut down on the number of kids.

  • It Would Never Work

    First, the population would never agree to it. Religious communities would be up in arms over the issue, and even the thought of even proposing such a rule would cause civil and social turmoil. Plus, the United States doesn't have the same population problem as does a country like China.

  • Two child rule , population control.

    I don't agree with a two child rule because we live in a country that we are free to do as we choose within reasonable means. I don't think that you should restrict people from having more then two children I come from a family that has alot of kids and if someone told me I couldnt have more then 2 children I would not like that because you shouldn't have that type of control over people.

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