• Yes, implementing a basic universal income would be a good idea.

    Yes, implementing a basic universal income would be a good idea. Governments have a duty to ensure their people have the basic human needs of foot, water, shelter and clothing. In an age of increasing mechanization of jobs by artificial intelligence, a basic universal income would ensure people have the necessities of life.

  • AI is coming whether you like it or not

    Some day people won't be able to produce meaningful work, and as that trend starts to happen we should start to distribute money whether or not people were actually working in a meaningful way. This is not a question of if, but simply a question of when and how much.

  • Depends On Mindsets Of People

    Yes I Think Only If People Of This World Society And Government Alike Wont Make It Seem Like The Only Time Something Looks, Tastes, Sounds, Feels, And Smells Good Is When You Have Money. To Create A World Of Universal Income Is In A Sense Universal Peace It Takes More Than Just A Law Or Agreement Between All Countries To Do Something Like That And Have It Be Successful It Takes The Ability To Be Able To Bring People Brought Up From Different Mindsets Based On Cultures As Well As Religions And Different Methods On How Things In Life In Their World Works Just Like We Do In Our Own. With That Being Said Only A Person Capable Of Making Multiple People Understand 1 Big Ideal As Well As 1 Whole Moral Concept To This Universal Income Will Succeed And I Think Thats An Impossible Mission To Win Over 100% Percent Or Even 80% Of This Worlds Mindsets Since They Are Not All Thinking With The Same Concepts And Perspective To Make Universal Income Work.

  • The future is coming, and it's not looking bright.

    In a world with an ever increasing population, and fewer and fewer jobs, it is definitely time that governments woke up to the idea of universal income. While it looks expensive on paper, it would help decrease the number of people dependant on the state as well as improving the overall quality of life. With almost full automation in the not too distant future, I think universal income is the only solution to the inevitable.

  • People will not work.

    Hunger is a powerful motivator. Universal income is not a good idea because it prevents people from wanting to work. Also, a lot of times, people who don't have anything to do find that they are up to no good. They commit crimes or hurt other people. It's good that people work when they are able.

  • Yes, it's a great idea!

    Yes, a universal income is a great idea. It would be a base income that everyone gets in order to take care of basic necessities, such as food and water plus a safe, clean place to live. Everyone works to some extent, even if not everyone has a job that pays good money. Giving everybody a basic income will get humanity out of poverty and enable people to devote themselves to worthwhile pursuits.

  • This is hard

    Especially since most people think "Socialism = bad. No reason, i was just taught that way. "
    though I would love to see it implemented, especially since we can afford it, like surprisingly (if noone is too greedy, HA! That'll be the day)

    one way of seeing it is that its a system that saves alot of people, virtually everyone.

    Another way is that it weeds out unskilled people. Telling the people who are not either geniuses or talented in whatever field to sit back and just not bother society.
    I dont know which is cruel, living with an empty belly, or empty soul.

  • It sets bad preceent

    People should not be taught that they get rewarded for doing no work. What even is the purpose of working hard to get a good job if you can put in no effort and suck on the teet of the state and just collect checks? We should be doing the opposite, removing more of these ridiculous systems. The only good thing about this being implemented is that leftists will finally see that socialism DOES NOT WORK!

  • It is a horrible idea.

    No, it is not a good idea. People needs to earn their income. No one should be given money that are forcibly taken from someone else because that's what universal income is. If my family don't make enough money to make ends meet, that's our problem. Not my neighbors, not my employer, not my friends and certainly not some strangers.

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Gareth_BM says2016-12-09T15:55:25.347
Currently, no. There are still just about enough jobs to go round if you put the effort in but with in the next 50 years it maybe necessary due to increased use of automation and robotics meaning there simply isn't enough jobs to go round. As such we either have to create laws prohibiting such technologies or provide a basic income. A third option could be too create extra demand for resources and labour by putting resources into space travel.