Is a university degree a prerequisite for effective leadership?

  • A leader is determined by action, not a degree.

    It is a sad fact that many of today’s students cheat in
    order to pass their classes. The
    students that are doing this are doing a disservice to the companies that hire
    them. Just because these students
    graduated from college does not mean that they can effectively lead
    others. Leadership ability depends upon
    personality, confidence, and mastery of a particular school of thought. And even if students don’t cheat, just
    because they have a degree doesn’t mean that they will necessarily be good

  • No, I don't believe a degree is necessary.

    A university degree can certainly help and effective leadership skills can definitely be learned in college, but for some people, leadership is a natural trait that they seem to be born with. I have personally known several people who have high paying jobs as supervisors that have never gone to a day of college.

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