• Veganism is awesome

    Though veganism is criticised with being bad i find it being awesome ...
    Though veganism is criticised with being bad i find it being awesome ...
    Though veganism is criticised with being bad i find it being awesome ...
    Though veganism is criticised with being bad i find it being awesome ...

  • From my experience, yes!

    I am 14 years old. All my family has overweight problems, cholesterol issues, heart diseases, and I had some of it too. I am vegan for two years. Everything was improved. But the real change was with my sister. She in 9. Also vegan for two years. Until she started the vegan diet, her health was a disaster. There was no winter without at least eight kinds of steroids and medications. And now? For two years, she wasn't sick even once! Sure, the diet should be balanced, and the parents should be sure the kids get everything they need, but a balanced vegan diet is super healthy for kids!

  • Vegan since birth!

    Okay. Not me, but a lot of people I've met. Even well known people like Thích Nhất Hạnh and Joaquin Phoenix have been vegan since childhood. I think when inexperienced parents chuck salad and apple juice at their children they're setting them up for poor health and the rest of the vegan parents up for public scrutiny.

  • Why wouldn't it be?

    You can get all the nutrients you need from plants. My family is vegan and my girls love the food. There is a vegan substitute for anything. The only problem is dealing with uneducated critics. Eating animal products are unhealthy. Cholesterol anyone????

    Oh and doctors appointments go great, blood tests perfect.

  • I have a lifelong vegan kid who is very healthy.

    Meat and dairy products come from herbivorous animals. It's better to eat nutrients which haven't already been eaten once by someone else.
    Both vegan and non-vegan parents need to make sure that their kids aren't missing out on essential nutrients anyway (like B9 for meat eaters or B12 for vegans).

  • A Vegan diet is perfectly healthy for a child.

    A child can live and thrive on a Vegan diet. A vegan diet, when well balanced with grains, fruits, and vegetables, provides everything a child could possibly need to grow from protein in lentils, greens, and grains to the calcium in fresh vegetables, particularly green leafy greens. Even B12 can be provided in a vegan diet, as long as you eat plenty of fresh produce without pesticides and chemicals. If anything, raising a child on a healthy,vegan diet would be a great decision, as it would greatly reduce the child's chance of getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other illnesses during their lifetime.

  • Undoubtedly

    Veganism, when done correctly, can be immensely beneficial for children. By creating an environment of self-sufficiency (rather than relying on other species), children will grow up understanding the importance of their place in the ecosystem. They will learn compassion and gain a greater consciousness regarding their diet. With the proper vitamins/supplements, children can grow up to be happy, healthy, and conscientious members of society.

  • If done correctly, yes

    A vegan diet is a very healthy way to live and it is perfectly safe and healthy for children. However, it must be done correctly and all necessary vitamins need to be incorporated. A vegan diet has potential to be harmful if parents are not careful about making sure their kids get all of their nutrients on the diet, but overall it is a much better option than a regular diet.

  • It can be

    While not the ideal diet for children, it can be healthy if the parents are fully aware of the diet's limitations and take the steps to ensure the child gets all of the nutrients they need. Regular trips to the doctor's office, as well as supplemental vitamins can ensure that the children remain as healthy as any omnivore, it just takes a lot more work.

  • It Isn't

    Vegan diets are not healthy for children. Vegan diets have a lot of limitations and leave out a lot of vitamins and foods that young children need. I would never let my child follow a vegan diet at such a young age. It would be stupid and very much unhealthy.

  • Not at all

    Getting vegetables into a child can be a battle and it's one that if you don't start it early and keep at it every day you're going to be in a lot of trouble. Vegetables are a crucial part of a developing child, but you're leaving out a lot of things they need if you go with a purely vegan diet. It's irresponsible to promote one.

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