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  • Depends on the view

    Of course every war can be justified in some way. When you don't understand the justification, you think it isn't legit. But the people involved are often very supportive of the war because it is a cause they either agree with or don't agree with. Take for example the Islam religion. They believe in radical religion. They can justify their bombings and killings with their religious resources and background. They grew up being taught that radicalism is good. But the U.S., for example, which has a history of being predominantly Christian, is greatly offended and disturbed by such actions because they have completely different views. And in the world of views and opinions, no one can ever justify a right or wrong.

    There might be some cases where one can note that a certain war wasn't necessary, but in most cases, war is always justified in some way.

  • Under some Ethical Premises...:

    ... War is justifiable. It is never right. However there are times when doing what is wrong is justifiable and while it never becomes "right" it can be necessary. Just War has laid out some tenets for this concept but honestly even then they fail to some degree on managing the art of war.

  • War is a necessary evil.

    Yes allot of people suffer but sometimes theirs a greater good to be concerned with like in ww2. Germany was trying to invade all of Europe along with Italy they were committing a genocide was the world supposed to allow that. Japan attacked the u.S were they supposed to just watch japan invade japan also commited a genocide in china was that supposed to be allowed. You cant have pacifism in a world full of dictators and tyrants it will never work. Not to mention defending a country from invasions or attacks. Pacifism is wishful thinking.

  • War cannot be justified

    War is not about victory or defeat. It is about the total failure of a human spirit. Wars can't be justified, people can fight over religion, power, land, oil or freedom but really most people want more than they need and are greedy. People die every day just to fight for their country and live a normal life. Why can't people be treated equally? And if they were, maybe a war wouldn't even be needed in the first place!
    Put yourselves into the position where you have to fight to survive, live in unpleasant surroundings from day to day, men women and children dying day in and day out. Your family and possibly even you could end up dead because of war, on both sides! Can that ever be justified? Killing is wrong under any circumstances therefore nothing justifies war which inevitably involves killing. War is unethical and by no means fair and nothing can justify it. Nations can just settle down their differences without war and loss of important lives. War portrays lack of respect for human sanctity.

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  • War is unjustifiable, but so is much of human nature.

    As human beings, it's inevitable to accept that we are intrinsically violent, volatile creatures that are very susceptible to conflict. That is not to say, however, that war is justifiable by moral means. The prerequisites to war are irrelevant to the acts of war themselves and, in it's most rudimentary form, war is not morally justifiable, for it is the killing or harming of fellow man to reach an objective or goal. At it's helm reigns murder, rape and genocide. Even, and especially, if fought in the name of all that is holy, righteous and sacred, war is not and cannot be justified, for in it's core lies the greatest evils man can unleash upon himself. Any morality therein implied or imposed is simply a rhetorical device to keep self-critical moral resentments at bay.

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