• Drug legalization is not realistic

    In an ideal society we could simply legalize all drugs and trust people to make the right decision or learn from their mistakes. In the real world however that will never work, as humans are not ideal. The smartest and strongest of society would stay away from drugs, or use them responsibly. The stupid and weak however -- not a small portion of society -- would become hopelessly addicted and prefer a quick high to hard work. This would inevitably affect not just themselves, but others as well as their behavior turns irrational and possibly violent, they commit crimes for money, rely on society for medical care, etc. Therefore it is perfectly acceptable in a free society to contain certain drugs.

  • Its my life

    Drugs hurt the person doing them. Its self-destructive yes, but nobody can tell another what they can and cant do with their life. Only god can judge me. Should fight hard drugs like meth and coke though because they usually cause pain to others like family and friends blah blah

  • curse to freedom

    You have been provided with freedom so that you won't take your life as a burden...Freedom doesn't mean that you can do anything. You should enjoy your freedom but in your limits.
    If people will misuse the freedom then it'll come to an end. Use of drugs exaggerates your life instead of enjoying it.

  • No, the war on drugs is not acceptable in a free society.

    No, I don't believe that the war on drugs is acceptable in a free society. The war on drugs has done absolutely nothing to society besides putting more people in jail, which is only a stress on the everyday citizen and taxpayers. Additionally, by keeping drugs illegal and viciously pursuing drug distribution, the government actually perpetuates the violence and danger that drug cartels bring to society. If all drugs were made legal, there would be less violence, less crime, less people in jail, and a more productive society.

  • Let Druggies Be Druggies

    People should stop worrying about what others are doing, such as drug use. We then have the nerve to complain when our rights are impeded on. We only want a free society when it comes to us, when it comes to everyone else's lives we want some perfect society. We want to tell them no you can't use drugs, get an abortion or kill yourself. These things are none of our business

  • No

    Drugs bring so many problems to the free society. It is crazy all the different things that come from drugs. It brings crime like stealing and hate crimes. It brings homelessness. There are just too many problems created by them. They can not be considered a free enterprise when they create a prisoner of the taker.

  • Poor word choice - War

    The wording that we use in our struggle with what society deems as acceptable drug use and what it deems as unacceptable is made clear by the word "War". Society has the responsibility of weighing the good and bad and making a decision. That we find the use of the word "War" acceptable in this context shows that we are struggling. No, a "war" on drugs is not acceptable in a free society. An honest look at the drugs, the value they bring/don't bring and the issues they cause/don't cause is acceptable.

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