Is a woman who has had an abortion generally content with their choice?

  • I Was Content

    I can't speak for the next woman who aborted but I felt relief and contentment when I had mine (23 years ago). My feelings haven't changed. I didn't want to become a mother. Some women probably feel great regret I'm sure but I cannot relate because I don't share that feeling. Every woman is different.

  • Some are content, some aren't I'm sure.

    I can't speak for the next woman who aborted but for me I felt relieved because I wasn't pregnant anymore. I didn't dwell on it then (23 years ago) and I still don't. I wasn't ready to be a mother, plain and simple. So for me I was content with my decision.

  • Yes and no.

    Few women go through an abortion process without painstakingly researching all the options. I for one do not believe that adoption is the answer at all. There are too many children in care now and would be more if abortion was banned.

    Content is not the right word. Relief that the burden of raising a child on her own or knowing that child will not suffer the living conditions that make abortion preferable is hard and cold but then so is life.

    The hidden grief for the lost child and the womans own action is not respected or acknowledged. That grief as any would be parent or parent would tell is a powerful and sad emotion. It is not bad to choose to abort if life conditions are dangerous or so impoverished that just surviving is a daily miracle. To those that want to moralise and damn this point for those women you should be ashamed of yourselves. That is no authentic christan stance. That is merley a mob of rabid hyenea joined in a frenzy attack on someone is a very weakend position.

  • Yes she is

    It obviously was not a good time for her to be having children, and she needed to have an abortion she doesn't have to regret anything based on whatever someone else's morals are. She had a reason. She didn't do it for you or anyone else. Also, pregnancy at a young age is extremely embarrassing.

  • Yes, I believe, as a woman, that if you have gone to the extreme of having an abortion, then you have given much thought to determining that you wanted or needed it.

    I was pregnant and decided on adoption, while abortion could have been my choice. Life is usually the choice, if at all possible, in the mother's decision. But, if there is a good enough reason, then when that mother decides on abortion, in her mind, it had to be done.

    Posted by: Bratzky
  • Yes, studies show that most women primarily feel a sense of relief, and few regret the choice.

    Abortion can certainly be a stressful decision, but most women who receive an abortion primarily feel a sense of relief at not having an unwanted pregnancy after the procedure. The stories of the small minority of women who regret the choice are exaggerated by religious zealots. Research shows, in fact, that the incidence of depression after abortion is no worse than the incidence of postpartum depression after giving birth. Health authorities, such as the Surgeon General and the APA, agree that abortion is not a major psychological risk.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • No, I don't think they ever are, emotionally, because they generally remember the date, and will always imagine making a different choice.

    While many women may be content with the choice from a practical standpoint, emotionally, many are not as content. There are several reasons to choose abortion, such as financial reasons, bad timing of the pregnancy, rape, etc. However, most women are aware of what age their child would be, had they chosen to keep the baby. These thoughts do not lead to contentment.

    Posted by: I3nKai
  • As much as anyone is "content" with life choices, the choice to abort often leaves one at peace with the choice.

    Abortion is awful, and the choice a woman makes to get an abortion will no doubt remain with her throughout her life. However, for many women, aborting a child early in the pregnancy gives them a new start at making a good life for themselves and the children they may choose to have in the future. Therefore, they are ultimately at peace and content with the choice they made to abort.

    Posted by: Kri5Java
  • Nobody, except the woman in question, can answer if she is content with the choice of having had an abortion.

    Trying to GUESS what a woman feels after having had an abortion is ridiculous and dangerous, no matter what side of the argument you fall on pertaining to abortion. I clicked on "Yes, I agree!" because one can only assume they made the choice based on their feelings and beliefs, and because there is no button stating that no can vouch for that question other than the woman herself. Religious fanatics would love to assume that she is unhappy, but the fact of the matter is they do not truly know how she feels. I have met woman who were upset afterward and I have met woman who had no problem with it at all. It's a choice that only the woman involved can make and she is the only one who will live with the emotions of the choice afterward. It is also a choice that should be allowed.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • I believe a woman goes through the emotional anxiety of whether she will be content with her decision prior to having an abortion, and therefore will remain content with their decision.

    An abortion decision for a woman is a difficult emotional decision that requires an individual to question whom they are as a person. Because of the difficulty of the decision, and the future likelihood of having to defend that position in conversation, it is unlikely that a woman's views will change once she has made the decision. In one case a woman has a child that she could not imagine living without, and in the other she has avoided either an emotional or financial situation that she could not bear to have. Once made, always content because changing your mind would erode the core of who you are as a person.

    Posted by: TenEst
  • The decision to abortion is usually painful to mothers.

    Mother's are usually extremely scared and frustrated when deciding to abort babies. They may be pushed by parents who want their child to be responsible and not raise a child badly, they may even be pushed by the government because of famine. It is often a rushed decision because of lack of money, famine, repect, etc. Women are usually very concerned with their reputation and respect, so if the family or community looks down on young age mothers or mothers at all, women can be forced to quickly get their baby aborted.

  • The polls suggest that most women that had abortions came to regret it.

    I have read surveys showing that women that had abortions later came to regret it. I have female friends that had abortions and regret it. You do not see women that had abortions leading rallies for pro choice. You do see women that had abortions joining pro-life campaigns.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Whether or not to have an abortion is a tough choice, and most women are upset with both options.

    A woman considering an abortion is likely unhappy with the fact that she is pregnant in the first place, and terminating the pregnancy is not an end-all solution. There are physical and emotional consequences to having an abortion.

    Posted by: TightfistedMaria
  • I would venture to guess that any woman who has had an abortion will remember it and regret it, because abortion is murder.

    I would venture to say that most women who get abortions are young, between the ages of 16-30. Some women will have the guts to say "no", while others are truly torn. And, because of their age and fear that their family will not support them, they go ahead and have an abortion. But, later in life, they come to regret it, because they realize that they killed a living entity. To kill a child, it doesn't always make a person feel good.

    Posted by: FurryPrince
  • A woman who has an abortion is not content with her choice because she has terminated someone that was a part of her.

    Even though a woman may make the right choice by terminating a pregnancy, she will never be truly content with this decision because in the back of her mind she will always go back to what she had done. This unborn child was a part of her and it will be hard to let go of that.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • No, I disagree that a woman who has an abortion is generally content with the choice, because she will likely go on to have children later.

    Once a woman who has an abortion has children, the devastation of what she did really hits home. And then she has to live with that for the rest of her life. There is no contentment or peace after taking an innocent human life, once you see how valuable that life was through enlightened eyes.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • I do not think that most women are generally content with their decision because most of the time they feel like they have no other option and just do it because they feel the need to, not because they want to.

    All women who get abortions have chosen that procedure. It is not something that is forced on them. Even though they are making this choice themselves, most women feel as if they have no other option but to get an abortion. There are many reasons for this; they may not have enough money, or they are too young, etc. Often times after abortion woman end up going through severe depression, sometimes even if they really did want the abortion.

    Posted by: labooboo93
  • While my information is anecdotal, in my experience, many women are not content with the ultimate decision to abort their pregnancy. It's often a decision that haunts them for many years.

    Again my information is anecdotal, but I personally know of four (4) women who have had an abortion. All 4 regretted the decision terribly. They would often think of how old their child would be based on when they had the abortion. I realize this is not the case for all women, but I would strongly disagree that a woman who has an abortion is generally content with the decision.

    Posted by: N3iIKonr
  • Women can't be content with their choice. Too emotional.

    The emotional state that these mom's has to go through must be extremely huge. They do it, but when they close their eyes they battle with themselves. They are also more prone to mental illness like depression. Only God may take lives.
    I just think it might be emotionally too much for 99 present of humans to be able to go through with it.
    As technology advances it's a matter of drinking a pill nowadays less emotional attachment.

    Posted by: TrinityR
  • The decision to have an abortion is one with serious ramifications for the future.

    While this obviously varies from woman to woman, I believe that many women are seriously wounded emotionally by their decision to have an abortion. Some women come to feel that they were involved in the taking of a human life and, no matter how valid their reasons for doing so, experience some guilt and regret for their decision.

    Posted by: ZxcutieGeorg

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