Is a woman's biochemistry and its monthly variation a deficit, or benefit compared to men?

  • Half the time is better than none of the time

    I think no one is debating this since it makes little sense. But I'll bite and say that if we consider that humans are less predictable when they are fertile since they are more likely to be thinking of other things, subconsciously looking for mate characteristics, and have increase hormones, then women clearly benefit from a monthly cycle. As the gender that is only fertile for a portion of the month, women at least think clearly and rationally for half the month, while men never do.

  • Clarification on the question

    As I neglected to mention in the question, yes would be for benefit, and no would be for deficit. I apologize for the lack of clarity

    I don't mean this to be a debate on feminism, sexism, or equalilty. As there is irrefutable proof that biochemical changes are more prevalent in women, than in men, the purpose of this opinion poll is to ask informed evaluations as to the variant of benefit ad deficit of that change.

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